Easy Ways to Make Your Workplace Look Nice

Image source   A workplace that looks good is a workplace that attracts customers and clients and keeps employees happy, which is why it is absolutely worth spending some time and money to get and keep, it looking nice. Here are some very easy ways that you can...

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Trust Me I’m a Blogger

  Image source   One of the hardest things about trying to make your living online is the fact that many sections of the public are still wary of all things online, especially when there is money involved. This is obviously a big problem if you want to be...

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Top Computer Skills Sought By Employers

Anyone who works in an office needs to know how to use a computer. You don't have to be an IT wizard, but there are usually various tools you need to do your job. Sometimes this means being able to use specialist software, but often there are tools that work for a...

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Giving Away And Taking Back

(Image Source)       Throughout education, when reading on blogs, and even while talking to your peers, most people will constantly be reminded that being thrifty is the best way to handle business. You should spend as little as possible while trying to...

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This Halloween Beware The Productivity Vampires

Image credit       Stop what you’re doing. Stop right now! Yes, I know time is money, but you have no idea how much your business is under threat from a near-supernatural threat. They may not hang upside down from the ceiling, have razor sharp fangs or...

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