If you are not full-time blogger

bloggerLot of bloggers are not full-time bloggers. Lot of them have some full-time Job. So it is not always easy to be full-time in blogging sphere.
What is important regarding that? The most important thing is the manage your time perfectly. Perfect time management is very, very important. I mean you cannot manage time, but you can manage yourself in time what is left after you finish your daily work. First thing you have to know that your family should be the most important in this world. So, give time to your family first. Do not exclude them, then go to work. In that way you will have two benefit. Your family will be happy to spend some time with you after your daily job and you will have little break from any work. Because you cannot work whole day, you are not a machine. Even the machines breaks down from time to time.
I am telling you it is impossible to work whole day everyday. You need rest. Because you would think that you are working but in reality you will only pretending to work, or you think that you work, but time goes in some things which you are not even aware of. So, you have to watch out for that. This will take your time for nothing. It is better to rest little than attack the work again.


Another important thing is it have excellent plan what will you do. Because you do not have whole Day. You have only half a Day and sometimes even less than half a Day. So, plan it very, very good.
You have to know what will you do and how long does it takes to do it.
Choose the time when you will do the planing. For some people is better to plan in the morning for others it is better to plan in the evening. You choose when and plan your Day. Do what you plan and you will get better and better.


If you have any kind of business you have to invest time in learning new things. You have to learn anyway, but to have a blog you must even start to learn more and grow much faster than usually would you do. So, use at last 30 Minutes per Day for learning new things. I am sure that in that case you have to put out from daily routine some of your fun activities like drinking coffee with friends and loosing time on some beers.
Anyway if you would like to have a great blog. You have to learn something about it. You cannot have great blog just like that. You need education about it. So, I suggest you that if you would like to have your own blog really you need to take this course. 3-min Expert from one of the best blogger in the world Ray Higdon will teach you how to have excellent and profitable blog.

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