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You heard a lot of times that some people are losers. But if we will look in that way we are all losers. Because, you are not remember when you wanted to walk and instead of walking you fall down more than hundred times.

After that you start to walk, and after starting you are walking since that. But before you start to walk you fall down hundred times. This lesson we should use in everything we do. Why people think that they have to do something ones and be great in it? This is not normal or natural. What ever you do you have to first lose in it to be better and better and later on to win in it.



Great think about losing is experience which you get. So, that means that you learned something new and you will probably not made same mistake.

There is one excellent book! Name of that book is:“You can win or you can learn” author of that book is John Maxwell. Book is talking about topic of losing and telling to people that there is no losing. Only winning or learning.

For example lets take any sport. When a sportsman win in his game he don’t learn anything. He celebrate, have fun enjoy in that victory and don’t think about how he was playing that game. Where he played good and where he played bad, what mistakes he done it and how to correct it. Sportsman only enjoy in his victory nothing else.

On the other side when he lose in his game than he feel bad. In that bad feeling he thinks about his mistakes and what he did wrong. He think about the reason why he lose the game. He is ready to listen a coach who will tell him what he do wrong and what to change in the future.

In that losing state sportsman decide to practice and work more than before, because he don’t want to lose again in his game.



So, when sportsman grows? Answer is simple when he losing. To be a great winner you have to lose lot of times. You learn and grow when you are losing, not when you are winning. So, there is not chance for losing only for learning. You always get something but in that moment maybe you do not like what you get.

Just like when man with experience meet man with money. After that man with experience gets the money, and man with money gets the experience. Very simple, there is no winning or losing. Just winning and learning.


Don’t grow

Some people don’t grow. Did you notice that? Some people just avoid growing. They do not like it at all. To grow you have to make mistakes, you have to do wrong things to learn how to do right things. So, if you do a lot of mistakes then you grow much more than those who are afraid of mistakes. The more mistakes you made you get better and better. So, start to do, the more you do, you have more chance to made mistake. More mistakes you are getting better and better in that what are you doing and then you will be expert with not so many mistakes.

Since everybody pays very well for experts you will be very well paid for all those mistakes which you made.



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