butler-965333_1280Let’s go little on the old fashion way of doing Network marketing which today also work great. I am saying old fashion because now we have a new ways over the internet. But people didn’t change and Network marketing is people business.
Long time ago before internet we all have daily meetings at home. Every day in some other home, that is why this business is called home business.

One of the most important thing is good preparation of presentation. If you don’t do it in right way, you will have only problems in the future. Here is 5 ways how to prepare a good presentation at home.

1.Invitation of your friends

When you call your friends you must tell them that you are calling them to your home to see a business opportunity. Don’t made a big mistake a call them on coffee or dinner and then instead of dinner you gave them room full of people and presentation of MLM business. They will be surprised in negative way. So, they can ruin your presentation. Tell them that you have a business opportunity presentation at home with a good products that they might like. That’s it. No explanation of any kind. They will see it when they will com to your house.

2.What to prepare, coffee or dinner?

I know that you would like that your friends feel good and happy in your home. But, never, please never made any dinner for them when it is the presentation of business. Here is few reasons for that.

– If they will eat during the presentation, they will not watch and listen presentation.
– If they will go to dinner to kitchen after the presentation, they will lose focus on the business  and have focus on dinner.
– If they will eat before presentation it will be hard to get them of the kitchen table. Later on they will be sleepy and will not listen.

The only thing what you have to prepare is coffee and to have some juices or water. This is the only thing. Nothing else! Don’t even think about to offer them alcohol drink. Than it will be total disaster. What you need is their focus on the business and products. You can click here to learn about orangina drink and serve it to them.
Think about the duplication. If you prepare fantastic dinner your friend prospects might think that they have to also do presentation like this. Maybe they don’t like the idea to cook for 10 people or maybe that is expensive for them and they will join the business because of that.

3. Prepare your room and your self

Prepare your room before guests arrive to your house don’t do it when they are there. Everything has to be set up when they come to your house. Table, chairs, everything. Turn of the television and turn of all other distractions like mobile phone and all that. Prepare your self. This is a business meeting. You cannot be dressed like you will go to bed in ten minutes. Dress like you are going out on a meeting. It doesn’t matter you are at home put your shoes on also. Because when people will come and you have shoes they will not feel bad if they have it your home. Act and do like professional and they will do it the same in the future.

4. Who will made presentation?

Ask your sponsor to help you with presentation. I mean you can also do it, but your friends will be more engaged if they will listen somebody else. Somebody they don’t know. Than they will have even more respect to you also and they will not interrupt the presentation. So, ask your sponsor or upline to do it.
You will be the person who will present to them you sponsor or upline. You must give the power to him before the presentation. Before he starts, you have to said how your sponsor helping you to have a better business, how he is expert in his field and he knows the business excellent. That you have to said if you want that your friend listen to him/her. They must know that he is expert in that business. If you say that some guy will made presentation, nobody will listen to him.

5. After the presentation

When your sponsor is finished with presentation. He is the one who have to answer the questions. What you have to do is SHUT UP! Why? In the beginning you said how your sponsor is expert, how he help you and how he is great and now you don’t gave him a word to talk. All you have to do after the presentation is to be silent. Power for talking have the presenter, because he showed with his presentation that he know what he talking about. He will show them the products, all you have to said and showed them that you are using the products and they are great. At the end just take care that they go home with some material and made appointment for follow-up.

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