In any network marketing business excellent duplication is the key of business. We all know that and when we talk about Network Marketing always there is a lot of talking about duplication. Let’s discuss little what duplication is. It is an important thing in every business. Duplication is creating leaders over a time, and excellent leaders need every business. Every good leader if he would like to improve his business must create new leader in his business. He must duplicate himself to free his time for other things.  So, duplication is important everywhere, not only in Network Marketing.

Here we will talk about difference between duplication in offline Network marketing and online Network marketing.





Offline duplication

Offline duplication requires a lot of work, not only a lot of work it requires a lot of good and systematic work. Working with people can be really hard job. Sometimes people said it is more easy to work with animals then with people. In Network marketing offline duplication lot of time don’t work so good. To influence others you have to be a good leader and have to work with people in consistent, all your weakness will go out in front of this people with who do you work.

You have to follow the system and ask them to follow the system, but they will not follow system if you do not follow system. So, everything you do, your people will do also. It will be just copy/paste story. Off course you have to be much stronger than they are, you have taken one part of their load on your self. You have to sometimes like mother and father to those people. What makes your life not so easy, that is why out there you cannot find too much great leaders. To make duplication offline is little harder than online. Let’s go to online duplication



Online duplication

New age brings new technologies. So, with internet we have also online Network marketing. What is really great because Online marketing brings some new things in our lives. Except new things there is more time to spend at home with our family. What is really fantastic, also you can work from everywhere, only what you need is internet. Off course it is people business and you must communicate with people, but you can do it over the phone or online.

In some cases it is more easy to work with people face to face, but now we talk about duplication. Duplication in Online marketing goes much better than in offline marketing. Why is that? Reason is simple. When system is set up online, everybody follow this system, because they see the system on-screen and how it works. Offline people made up all the time some their systems and try to be better than their leaders. Offline also some leaders do not show system, they show their way of working, which is maybe bad. But others, when they see that, they try to made their own system. Off course their own system is not proven and usually it is not good. In Online network marketing there is no such a bad situations. In online there is system which is the same for everybody and everybody follow it. there is no ego games, because in the screen there is no other person which you have to beat.


Online duplication it’s much easier and better than offline. So, if you do not know what and how to start a business, make sure you start it online. At least your duplication will be easier.


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