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To be successful there is no magic crazy thing. It is very simple just you have to do some basic things. Everybody want’s to be successful, but not lot of people do what they have to do to be successful. Here is 5 ways which will help you to be successful.





1. Write down dreams and goals

I know that lot of people have dreams and some goals. When you go to supermarket you have goal to go there and buy something. So, we all have goals for some daily things which we do. But for the big things we don’t have goals. Maybe some body have it, like they said in their head. But that is not a goal or dream it is some wish which show up from time to time. To have a dream or goal it is something else. To have a goal it is like you are going to supermarket, maybe you will do something else on the way, but you are going to supermarket! That is why you have to write down your goal and go for it. Don’t think how you will get there it is not important, important thing is to go there.


2. Enjoy

When you are going to your goal, you have to enjoy it. If your way is big struggle for you than it is a bad decision to go there. Than just simple change goals, and if you need change your dream. Don’t be afraid, if your dream is big house with 15 rooms and 5 kitchens. What is really nice dream or goal. But, after few years of hard work to get have this you ask yourself for what do I need such a big house? I don’t need that, why will I need to have 5 kitchen? When I need only one. So, than you change your goal. Same thing is in your work. If you like more offline Network Marketing than do offline if you like more online, than do it online. Just enjoy on that way. If you will not enjoy it, you will get sick. Than you will not need anymore any house or kitchen.


3. Make a plan

It is much easier to go with the flow. But that will not get you anywhere. You have to have a plan. Imagine that you would like to build a house without plan? Is that normal? No, first thing what you need is to have a plan. Than according to this plan you can buy bricks and so on. It the same in everything. First you have to have a dream, than goal, than plan and than realization of that plan. It is simple.


4. Burn all bridges

If you have plan A,B,C than you will not fight good enough for plan A. Your plan A is the best one right? Than plan B is not so good as plan A. That is why you have to burn the bridges behind you and go for your plan A. Just like did it Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes in 1519. When he goes to conquer Aztec empire he order to his troops to burn the boats and said to his soldiers that they will go back with Aztec boats or they will die here. So for them is do or die. If you have any back up your will retreat at the first problem which showed up. Simple! Burn the boats, burn the bridges, just burn something and go to fight!


5. Discipline yourself

Well if you will burn boats and bridges. Thaaaaan you are in big trouble. Than you have to discipline yourself to do it everything right. Than you cannot afford to watch television half a day. Than you must have strong discipline. If you will be hard on yourself than life will be easy on you, if you will be easy on yourself than life will be hard on you. Very simple!

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