11 Simple Steps To Help You Create An App

11 Simple Steps that can Help you to Build an App banner

Today, it is almost impossible to live a life where no apps exist, doesn’t seem normal, right? Our everyday activities now initiate and also end by the click on our app screen. As per a recent survey, it was estimated that more than 65% go through their emails first thing in the morning.

There’s no denying the fact that web and mobile applications have become an integral part of our modern lifestyle. Another reason apps are ruling is because with an app we are able to optimize as well as control various business operations effectively.

The opportunity to convert an app idea into an app reality seems so surreal but now it is possible. And with this many of us are turning into app entrepreneurs and building revenue with such apps.

So, instead of memorizing a lengthy guide on ‘How to build an App’, we are providing you 14 simple go-to steps on ‘How to create an App successfully’. Below are these easy and simple steps explained:

How to Create an App : STEP 1 – Setting a Goal(s)
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The thing about goals is that they are the most initial part of the entire process and holds great importance. A mobile application’s success greatly depends on the goal or goals that you have set for it. Otherwise, there’s really not any point to move forward without any sense of direction.

Now, the goals tend to vary from person to person depending on the expectations they have for their app. Let’s try to understand this with the respect of an Entrepreneur and an Individual:

As an entrepreneur, your goals from your mobile app may be:
“To aim for a good funding for your application.”

“To get huge Media coverage for your company through your app.”

“To get endorsements deals for your app.”

While as an Individual, the goals you might set would be:
“To get some name recognition by your app.”

“To try out a personal project on a new concept.”

So, let’s have a look at some of the generic goals expected to be achieved by everyone while building an app:
Creating an innovative and unique app.

Having a highly interactive user interface.

Gaining a large social media fan following.

Getting thousands of downloads from the app stores.

Earning revenue from the mobile app.

How to Create an App : STEP 2 – Doing R&D and Analysis
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Yes, it’s true that without doing any research you won’t be able to even scratch the app industry surface. You can’t just turn on your laptop screen and start to proceed with the process without any concrete R&D that’s backing it up.

Do thorough research about the industry vertical for which you want to build an app then lookout for the main competitors in that particular field of industry. In order to get mobile app ideas that are interesting and profitable at the same time, you need to perform a ton of research.

“Remember that you always need to back up your potential app ideas by validation through extensive market research.”

Some examples of innovative and interesting app ideas that have successfully created a name for themselves in the market are –

WhatsApp- This app can be referred to as one of the ultimate app ideas which in the beginning did not seemed promising. But now in the year 2018, WhatsApp has crossed over 2 Billion users and that’s a number which any other social media/messenger has not received yet.

Art App – Google’s Art and Culture app was another app idea that becomes famous overnight. This art mobile app allows the user to find their selfie’s closest match in worldwide historian paintings.

Instagram- Now owned by Facebook, Instagram is a widely popular app which serves as a platform to share images as well as videos with people. Few years back when the selfie trend was at its all time high, Instagram was overflowing with large number of users. Nowadays, this app is including more new features like ‘Stories’ and ‘Highlights’ making it a users favorite.

Once the R&D portion is completed, you will now be analyzing the research done and curate it properly. The mobile app idea that you have finalized should be a completely feasible idea in the first place. Once it is clear then examine the copyright possibilities and restrictions that can put a hold on the app development process.

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