3 ways how to sign up a couple in your MLM


You will not believe how many problems you can have when you would like to sponsor a couple. On the outside they could be like one. But, on the inside and between their four walls story is different.

So, what do you think who is decision maker most of the times when couple would like to sing up and join your business?

This three ways will give you the answer on this question. So, let’s get started.

1. Make sure that women is happy with your idea.

Just make sure that woman agreed with what you offer. So, products which you have and whole story has to be set up in that way that SHE liked it.

2. Make sure that woman is happy with your idea.

if you are a woman and when you talk with a couple you address much more to her man than her. You are out of the business. Don’t underestimate the power of jealousy. If she notice that you mingling little with her husband your out forever. If you are woman make a better connection with wife, than with husband.  Trust me on this. Same thing is with joules husband. If you want to do good business don’t mingle with wife of your prospects. But wifes are more dangerous with their six sence.

3. Make sure that woman is happy with your idea.

Yes you see good. Third tip is also the same as first and second. Why, because most of this kind of decisions makes women. Maybe you think that you are tough guy, but when your wife ask you something you do it. Right?

Did you heard about this one: “Happy wife, happy life”? So, if you offer home based business, you must know that wifes made most of the home decisions. Any man would like to please his wife and wife have much more influence on husband that husband on wife. So, watch for this.

you must know that if she don’t like the idea he will out of the business before he even start it. Maybe he will do it for a month or two, but without her support at home he is out.

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