4 Common Reasons You're Not Finding New Customers

Regardless of what business you run, finding new customers is essential. Without new customers, your company will find it hard to grow and reach its true potential.

Many businesses have problems revolving around bringing in new customers. They feel as though no matter what they try, nothing seems to work. In truth, the reasons you’re not finding any new customers could be simpler than you think. To illustrate this point, check out these common reasons your business isn’t finding new customers:


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You’re Not Focusing On Search Engines

Many marketing studies will show you that online consumers stumble upon businesses via search engines more than any other way. What this means is that you need to hire a Sydney SEO agency to optimize your site for search engines to recommend you. People are more likely to find your business if they search for it in Google than any other means. As a result, if you’re not focusing on search engines and SEO, then you’re not going to bring in many new customers. Optimize your website, and put a firm emphasis on search engine marketing.

You’re Not Paying For The Right Ads

A lot of businesses create a significant advertising budget to pay for all their ads. They try and get them on TV, in bus stations; everywhere. The trouble is, these adverts can cost money and not give you a great return. Instead, you need to focus on spending money on the right ads. Specifically, you need to invest in online ads. Online advertisements are the best way of reaching your target audience and driving them to your business. There are advertising platforms that ensure you bid on adverts that are shown directly to your target audience. It’s all very complicated, but it works like a charm. If your advertising budget is running low and you’re still not bringing in new customers, then it’s likely you’re not paying for the right ads and should make a change.


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You’re Not Giving Them Any Incentives

It’s very hard to bring in new customers, particularly if there’s lots of competition out there. How do you get consumers to draw themselves away from rival businesses and come to you instead? It’s simple, you provide them with incentives. You give them things for becoming a new customer for your business, such as a free gift or a discount. That will tear them away from other companies and bring the to you. So, if you struggle to get new customers, it’s probably because you aren’t offering any incentives.

You’re Putting Them Off

Sometimes, the problem is as simple as you putting consumers off your business. How does this happen? Well, it all stems from your brand image. If your image is tarnished and ruined by something, then it puts prospective customers off. Just look at BP as an example. A few years ago there was that huge BP oil spill, and it wrecked their brand. Their stock plummeted, and people went out of their way to avoid buying BP fuel for their car. The same could be happening to your business (but on a smaller scale of course), and you need to focus on rebuilding your brand and revitalizing your image.

These are the most common reasons you’re not getting new customers. It’s time to address them, and start seeing more new customers!

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