Hrvoje have 20 year experience in Network Marketing. Since Network Marketing is the best business on this planet and in the same time is pretty complicated for new people like in any other business it requires knowledge and hard work. Hrvoje has made his Network Marketing school on a hard way. From the old way of working to walk around with a flip chart in his hand until now in this online time.

Learning, working and investing all those years made results. Hrvoje his teachings gives away also on other business industries, not only in Network Marketing. Teaching Leadership what is one of the most important role in MLM on different seminars and webinars. Hrvoje is NLP Master and uses this techniques to spped learning curve in his students. Recently Hrvoje was invited to teach in one of the biggest companies for real estate agents. (RE/MAX)

One of the most important thing is for every Network marketer is to be teachable. This blog is set for you and to boost your MLM business. Hrvoje is here to help you to have more Leads, more money and to teach you how to Lead with a Value!!

Hrvoje is happily married with excellent woman, have two children playing tennis and enjoy in life. Understands perfectly words from Zig Ziglar: “If you help enough people to have what they want, you will have whatever you want!”

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Hrvoje Horvat

text me: +385/9193-55474
email: hrvojeh75@gmail.com
skype: hrvojeh75

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