Appy Days: 4 Apps That Are Better For Business Than The Ones Apple Made


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Part of the reason the Apple iPhone has swallowed an entire generation is because of the apps it preloads onto every handset. These additions have become synonymous with the way we go about our days and the way we conduct business. However, for all the ease of use that these apps offer, there is a slew of issues that tend to crop up as well. Despite popular belief, they just aren’t the best options out there, as anyone willing to quickly trawl the App Store will confirm.


Yes, that’s right; there are some apps that are better than the ones made by Apple, especially when it comes to apps that can make conducting business easier.


So, without further ado, here is a list of apps that you should definitely get to lead by example and replace the default options with right away. Seriously. These alternatives are just so much better.



Let’s be honest, the Mail app made by Apple isn’t all that great. That is why you should replace it immediately with Email (by EasilyDo). It is super-fast, amazingly customisable and, best of all, that much smarter than it’s default counterpart. What do we mean by smart? We mean this app automatically scans your inbox and separates your emails into relevantly named folders – invoices, receipts, calendar dates and just about everything else you can think of.


Google Calendar

If there is one truth in the world, it is that Google knows how to make things awesome and that includes their Google Calendar App. It is easy to use, gorgeous to look at and, best of all, comes with loads of great add-ons, such as Google calendar SMS appointment reminders. It does everything that the Apple Calendar app does, such as pulling data from all those different online sources you use, but it then goes well beyond this too. How? Well, for starters, it has an incredible way of presenting all your information so that you can see exactly what has planned in your immediate future as well the rest of the month. It’s epic.



There is no denying that the Notes app has gotten better and better with each system update. However, it is still no match for the Evernote app. That is because Evernote is just so intuitive in the way it allows you to create different notes, organise them and allow you to access them from all of your different devices. It’s not just written notes you can create either. It is making notes from images too, while you can also bookmark notes, put tags on them, and set reminders. It is just way better than the native Apple option.



Whoever is still using Keynote to create basic slideshows is just plain lazy. That’s because the Powerpoint option (yes, the one created by Microsoft) is just so much more advanced. Shock horror. Yes, the Powerpoint app is all about letting you create amazing slideshows that sync across numerous devices. But, more than that, it also lets you put these up on the big screen without any worries. That is a must-have option for all business people. Oh, and you can draw on your presentations, from your iPhone, in real-time too.


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