Awesome Tips For Making Your Customers Feel Special




Do you go out of your way to touch your customers in a special way? Are they always leaving you like they have been treated like a VIP? Nurturing customers is an important part of developing relationships that last, and in business, that means gold dust.

It costs up to six times less to market to your current customers than the ones you have to go out and find. And you should also be aware of the power of recommendations – a good word from a loyal customer could bring up to five new clients.

The big question is, how do you make your customers feel special? I’ve pulled together a few ideas for you to get started, so read on to find out more.




Start with the basics

It’s all well and good trying to target specific customers that you like – you know, the ones that spend a bucket load of cash. But you need to treat all of your clients the same, and that starts with basic customer service skills. Make sure you and your employees are friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable at all times. Talk to your clients as you would a real person – both in real life and online. And finally, show them respect. Start seeing complaints as a problem for your business, not the complainer, and do your best to resolve every issue.


Use your ears

As I mentioned above, if someone wants to complain, you need to treat them with respect. And nothing shows disrespect as much as failing to listen to the problem at hand. That goes for other areas of your customer service, too, so make sure you are going things like holding focus groups, sending out surveys, and listening to suggestions on social media. At the end of the day, you will learn more about your business from customers than any employee or supplier, so keep your ears open and make sure you respond appropriately.




Treat your loyal customers

Let’s say you are holding a major business event for your industry – perhaps you could invite a few VIP customers? You’ll need a particular area to host them, and will need to look into special lanyards – visit here for more info – as well as laying on some additional entertainment and food and drink. There are other ways of giving the VIP treatment to your customers, too. Send them discounts via your email newsletters, to offer them specially targeted offers based on their past purchases. Even a courtesy call a week or so after they buy something from you can make people feel you value them.


Be honest and transparent

Transparency is critical for your small business, and that goes for everything from stating your delivery times to pricing. And always fulfill any promise you make, regardless of how difficult it might be. It’s all about managing expectations and being honest about what you can – and can’t – deliver. Follow through on everything, be consistent, and keep your word – it’s that simple.


OK, so there you have it – some straightforward and efficient methods of giving your customers a great experience and making them feel special. Good luck – and feel free to leave any tips in the comments section below!


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