Basics, let’s get back to basics. Over the we all get lot of informations and some of us get lost in to many information which we all receive. Since we are in information age it is easier than ever to get lot of information. Not all of them are good we have to sort it. But, in this sorting and collecting new information we forget about basics.

Just a little reminder for a 5 basic things we have to do in our Network Marketing.


1. Prospecting

It doesn’t matter if we know everything about Network Marketing or we are in some high level. We have to prospect and find new people. This is the basic of any Network Marketing. So, don’t forget about prospecting.


2. Prospecting strategies

Since there online is bunch of ways to find new prospect. We have to watch out to not get lost in lot of different strategies which we can find now. We cannot made a good job if we prospecting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Because for all this different Social Media pages we need different strategies. It is much better to master one strategy and we will have a lot of to gain in this strategy than we can continue on another strategy. But to do it all in once it is not good. You will be nowhere. Here on this courses you can learn few strategies. But take only one which you like it and master it!


2. Phone call

I know that most of you would like to have full online business and that you do not have to call anybody. But this is still people business and we all have to call anyway. So, do not forget  to call your prospects. If they are in another part of the world you can see what time fits them best and call them. But, we have to call them and talk to them over the phone.


3. Blogging

If you are blogging again stick to a basics. Do not blog once a week it will not get you anywhere. You have to blog at least three times per week. Some of the high earners in our industry produce blogs every day. So, you can also be the one who do it every day. But, if you blogging do it at least three time per week. This is the only way to pick up a lot of leads. If you don’t know how to set up a professional Blog you can learn here in this fantastic course. Click here to find more information about 3-Min Expert.


4. Closing

We have to anyway make a closing. Some of the people will maybe join by them self, but most of them need closing. So, do not get stuck in running around the internet and doing everything else, but not to do basic things like closing. All of this five things are important and to make any profit we have to do basic things. That is why it is called basic. Not because we do not have to do it or do it only once. We have to do it all the time.

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