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What pushes customers to pick you over your competitors? If it’s a question that you’ve been asking yourself for a while, the answer is surprisingly simple. A customer chooses a business that shares inspiring values. It’s not only about offering the cheapest product on the market. It’s about purchasing from a brand that the mind associates with greatness. So how do you change your business to become that golden gem customers love and admire? You build a strong and positive identity!


Louis Vuitton sued the South Korean Louis Vuiton Dak for trademark infringement


Get your identificators right

At the core of your business identity, there’s the necessary matter of designing a logo, a tagline, and a name. These are the pillars of business identity. And as trademark attorney Xavier Morales would tell you, these pillars need to be protected so that they remain yours and can’t be stolen or repurposed by anyone else. Trademark infringements can be extremely damaging for businesses. For instance, a Chinese company called 3N copied the famous 3M mark and visual, resulting in unlawful customer acquisition. A similar case in South Korea opposed Louis Vuitton to Louis Vuiton Dak. Here again, the trademark protection allowed Louis Vuitton to claim against customers misleading.


A website that welcomes users and crawlers alike

Most customers interact with businesses online, which makes your website the primary touchpoint for customers. Needless to say: You need to work with experts to provide your visitors with a user-friendly, esthetic informative and functional site. A website that doesn’t display on tablets, or shows dull content is likely to put off potential customers. Additionally, your site should remain readable to search engine crawlers to facilitate indexing and referencing online.


A business that values its main assets: Employees

In the end, it doesn’t matter how clever your business strategy or branding is. Nothing impresses people more than words of mouth, especially when rumors are spread by former or current employees. Nothing damages your reputation more than being exposed as a terrible place to work. That’s why more and more companies put their employees first. Take example from Google, which is world’s renowned for its positive and imaginative company’s culture. VMware is another one that offers facilities such as on-site gym and meditation classes to help employees de-stress.


Playful, green and relaxing: Google office in Soho


A business that gives back to the communities

A good PR strategy can make or break a company. But continuous good PR is the way to go to build a caring and reputable image. That’s the reason why more and more businesses choose to give back to the community. Not only can they promote themselves in the process, but the ability to visibly transform a community is a permanent reminder of your brand for the local population.


A business that supports important causes

In 2014 Tim Cook came out in a business interview, explaining that he’s proud to be gay. The business community applauded his gesture, and with good reasons. With businesses all over the world joining forces to stop discrimination, LGBT rights matter more than ever. Actively supporting these rights, such as Starbucks asking an anti-gay shareholder to sell his stocks, brings new fame and a new loyal audience.


From your branding strategy to the causes you support, building a successful business is a business that works for the generations of the future: The Millennials and the Gen Z. Gender-fluidity, digital savviness, and social awareness should be your main objectives.


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