Common Corporate Culture Mistakes You Could Be Making


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For those who are unaware, corporate culture refers to the behaviours and beliefs that determine how your employees and management will handle and interact outside of business transactions. Corporate culture does not tend to be expressly defined, rather it is implied. It is something that develops over time. However, it is one of the most critical components of your business, as it plays a huge role in determining whether you hold onto your best talent and whether you are able to attract top talent for vacant positions. With that being said, read on to discover where you could be going wrong with your corporate culture.

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of businesses make with regards to company culture is failing to identify the misfits. What this means, is that there are some people that work for you who will simply not buy into your culture. It does not matter how hard you try, or the efforts you put in place to make these employees buy into your way of work, they simply won’t do so. If someone starts to drift from the core values of your business, this is something you need to recognise and act on. You cannot simply overlook it and assume it does not matter. You should organise a meeting with them and discuss it in further detail to find out what it is that isn’t working for them, and to explain why your corporate culture is important and how it impacts the business’ bigger goals.

Perhaps you are making the mistake of not even recognising your corporate culture? While this is something that develops naturally, this is not to say that it does not require thinking about. You should take the time to think about the type of business you want to be – your morals and the type of culture you want to have. You can do some research on the likes of Jozef Opdeweegh and other people that have been inspirational with regards to corporate culture theories and different organisational values that need to be implemented to achieve a positive corporate culture.

Last but not least, taking the laissez-faire approach is another error that a lot of businesses are guilty of. For new hires, work environments can often be intimidating to navigate. When businesses take the hands-off approach, it makes it even more challenging. Make sure you engage your team on a regular basis about the culture you want to create, rather than leaving it to chance.

If you have noticed any of the errors that have been mentioned above, it is important to put steps in place to improve corporate culture at your business. The culture of your company is imperative to the success of it. Once you make some changes, you will start to notice a significant change to the way your employees interact and fell, and this will show in the work produced and productivity levels.


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