Common Misconceptions About Starting A Business

For those who have never tried it, starting a business can seem like a mysterious process. It all sounds so complicated, requiring wannabe entrepreneurs to make huge sacrifices and deal with huge obstacles if they wish to succeed.



There’s no doubt this is somewhat true – but it’s not the full story. There are many misconceptions about what it’s like to start a business. Some of these beliefs are so powerful and frequently stated, they may actively put off someone who wants to try their hand as an entrepreneur.


In an effort to combat this, let’s examine the most common misconceptions about starting a business – and see why they’re wrong.


MISCONCEPTION: Tech Has Made Starting A Business Easier





Rather than seeing starting a business as a difficult time, some people conclude that in the digital age, starting a business must be easy. After all, an afternoon on the internet can furnish you with a logo, a website, and register you as a sole trader for tax purposes.


While tech has made all of the above easier, it’s also made business more complicated. Business owners now have to know how to handle social media; they have to maintain their website rather than just focusing on their physical premises. It would not be stretching the bounds of supposition to conclude that for everything business has made easier, tech has created another difficulty in its place.


MISCONCEPTION: All The Good Ideas Are Taken

Humanity has been creating businesses for a very long time. Some people therefore conclude that – outside of inventing an entirely new technology – there simply aren’t any good ideas left. They’ve all been done, perfected, and launched upon the public. Anyone who tries to launch a business is kidding themselves if they think they are doing something different.


This is such a bizarre thought process, but it is pervasive. While some businesses may – superficially at least – be similar, the way that you run your business is as unique as anything could possibly be. If you choose the right business for your skills, then you can be confident that you do have something different to offer – because none of us think the same.


MISCONCEPTION: You Need To Hire Staff





Quite simply, this one is just plain wrong.  


Thousands of businesses begin with a staff of one; the entrepreneur themselves. You don’t need to have a full complement of staff right from the conception of a business. This might be a stage that you build to eventually, but it’s perfectly possible to launch a business without a throng of people surrounding you.


Is it easy to go it alone? Of course not – but it is possible. You need to be determined to succeed, but if you’ve got that part nailed, then you’re onto a winner.


Starting a business is a risky time that requires a lot of dedication. However, as you can see from the above, it’s not quite the same as people sometimes portray the process to be. With the right knowledge on your side, you can be confident that your business dreams can one day become a reality.


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