The Construction Site Conundrum

If you own a construction firm of any kind you’ll know how dangerous and messy they can be and get. The issue is, regardless of this mess and debris, they are still places that need to be kept supremely safe and easily accessible by you and your workers. Your company is responsible for the safety of these workers and the operational means of the site. Your business will be at risk if something goes wrong and will certainly be under investigation. There are ways to ensure your site stays safe and secure. These tips can help you out, if you have already considered some of them then let yourself read them over anyway as they could spark other ideas.

Keep Your Equipment Up To Scratch

Whether you are using bulldozers, earthmovers, etc, you need to ensure your equipment is up to scratch. If it isn’t and something snaps or breaks and injures someone it is you who will be in trouble. Don’t forget to check all of the small intricacies, if you need bearings, which can often disintegrate, check out schaeffler bearings. If you don’t keep them up to scratch you also run the risk of losing potency. Your team will be so much more productive if you manage to get the most out of your equipment. If it is old, broke and ill maintained then you certainly won’t get this. The best ensure their machinery is up to scratch so try to do the same.

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Establish A Perimeter

Use some form of fencing to screen your worksite and ensure it is clearly marked as such. When you are working on a project for some time you need to protect your interest. There are all too many thieves out there who would love to steal your equipment. Worst still, you could be in trouble if some kids got onto your site and started playing with some of the machines. If they hurt themselves then technically you would be at fault unless they made a concerted effort to break in. Just ensure you use some high, good quality fencing to keep people out and away from dangerous areas.

Use Rules

Rules are what keep people safe and clear of any nasty injuries. You can set rules that coincide with your country’s site laws, but go the extra difference to protect yourself. The obvious ones are high visibility clothing, hard hats and other protective clothing. In roadwork construction zones, ensure that you have a flag person standing out in the line of traffic in order to direct cars properly. It’s important to hire a flag person with flagger certification to ensure that your operations meet local and federal compliance guidelines. Only let people use the machinery who are trained and know how to use it to good effect. You need to watch out for people who aren’t part of your firm entering the workplace. The clients could frequently check back and forth to see how their project is coming along. This is a key factor where the rules could easily be flouted as they step onto the site without a hard hat on. Make sure this doesn’t happen. You may need to use some kind of site office which is just behind the perimeter, so visitors have to go through it to gain access and as just cannot get in without someone telling them to wear a hat. You are only protecting your own interests here.

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