What Do Consumers Want From An Ecommerce Site?

When you’re selling anything, the product is obviously going to be one of the most important things, but the platform for selling it is often just as important. Customers on the high street will be drawn in by your shopfront and make assumptions about you based on what they find inside. For ecommerce businesses, your website is that shopfront. It’s vital that you get it right, but what exactly do customers want from an ecommerce site?




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People always say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but sometimes you don’t have any other option. When a customer visits your website they’ll make a few decisions about you in the first couple of seconds. If you walked into a shop that was cluttered and badly laid out, then you went next door and found a nice spacious shop that was very clean, which one would you think sold the best products? I’m guessing the second one. The same goes for websites.


You should only include the features that you absolutely need on the website and nothing else. The general trend in websites is leaning towards the minimalist at the moment so you should too. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the more functions your site can perform, the better it is. If they aren’t actually useful then all you’re doing is cluttering things up.


An expert from magento hosting agency says that updating the website regularly is also very important, it’s essentially the ecommerce version of calling in a cleaner. If you went into a store and it hadn’t been cleaned for months, you aren’t going to spend any money there.


Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is vital because between 60 and 80 percent of customers will abandon their cart when they get to actual payment stage. Making sure that your shopping cart is seamless and easy to use is a good way to avoid this. This Red Stag article can help you to find loads of great plugins for your ecommerce site, many of which are payment platforms. If you’re using a platform like Shopify or Magento that people have heard of, they’re more likely to go through with the sale.




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There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow website and these days, there’s no need for it. If I’m on a website and it’s running slowly, I have no patience for it whatsoever. Most people are the same and they’ll just leave. When there’s an endless list of other sites they could visit, why waste time with your slow one? Some site owners have estimated that a quick website increases their conversion rate by a staggering 78 percent.


Product Selection

If you’ve got all of those other aspects right, you’ve got your foot in the door and customers are going to start browsing your products. When you’re competing with sites like Amazon that seem to sell anything you can think of, product choice is key. It’s becoming more and more important for consumers in any industry. Having said that, too much choice can sometimes harm sales. If customers can’t find products easily then choice is a problem so it is tied into the design and speed of your site as well. Most of the time it’s better to specialize in a smaller range of products before you eventually decide to expand and offer more products.   


Customers want all of these things from your ecommerce site and if you can’t offer it to them, they’ll go elsewhere.


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