Cultivating A Tangible History And Track Record Of Your Business

A business without a history to show is a business that doesn’t have all the hard work and great things it has done, to show to the world. Having a track record that shows your excellence, can and will be used as proof, in the future when you’re looking to sign a contract or make big moves with other companies. It’s a bit like a resume; your business must show the experience it has, as well as the thing it has achieved along the way to get it to where it is now. However, much of this is takes time, and without the proper storage or documentation, will look scattered and disjointed. Your business shouldn’t cower away, but rather, make a bold statement that doesn’t exude arrogance, but nonetheless, makes a mark on the industry and the local community. For business managerial skills you can look up to Bob K. Bratt for lessons and inspiration.

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Digital portfolio

Every business should have a history of all the services it has provided to different clients and customers. It shows future customers that you’re professional, as good as your word, and have a documented history of being trusted to deliver on expectations. A web-based portfolio has the advantage of being accessed by anyone you permit and demonstrates the variety of services and consumers you’ve dealt with. Under a category or page on your website, you could lay out, chronologically, who you’ve been hired by, the work you did in pictures and evidence of doing a great job such as improving profits for the client or accelerating their business. You should incorporate video evidence in the form of testimonials from clients, who can speak for themselves and show you to be a trustworthy business.


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Physical evidence

It goes without saying that you should back up all your work and systems online, with the aid of a cloud service, or multiple server gateways with many firewalls. However, there’s nothing quite like physical proof showing records of your deals and transactions. Additionally, you may need hard evidence of your history in the form of record archives, should you come under a lawsuit and the courts and lawyers need to process these documents in their own time. Take such documents to a local records storage facility, which is dedicated to providing information solutions for clients. They’ll help you save space, money, hassle and the worry of keeping valuable documents safe from harm.

Becoming a staple

One of the ways, your business can become a part of history, is to domineer a real-world presence. If you have successfully provided a service to a local company or perhaps the governmental authorities, you could become a part of the community. Whether on a billboard, company name on a plaque or a statue, a physical object representing your business, would last a long time. Your business would then, essentially become a tangible symbol, which people can observe and maybe treat like a landmark. You’ll be in their minds without trying and thus, keeping your company and services relevant, gaining more customers.

You don’t want to be down the line a few years, without solid evidence of all the hard work you’ve done as a business. Your triumphs should be documented, so you have a proven track record to show. It backs up any claim you make and pulls in clients who can see you’re trusted and offer high-quality services.  

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