Eric Scmidt Says Businesses Need To Move To The Cloud Now Or Forget It


Just this month Eric Schmidt told delegates at Google’s Cloud conference in San Francisco that enterprises had to get on the cloud – and quickly. For years, businesses have been sitting on their laurels, waiting to see if the cloud will be a “thing” or not, like mobile. But it’s clear that the cloud has taken off and that the “wait and see” period is over.


Schmidt has said that many of the barriers that used to prevent businesses from getting onto the cloud are slowly being eroded. In fact, some of these obstacles have been utterly destroyed and replaced with a new model that makes it much easier and faster for firms to deploy applications.




Of course, given that Google is a major cloud services provider, we’d expect Schmidt to come out heavily in their favor. But he is correct that businesses will need a presence on the cloud to fulfill their business needs in the decade ahead. Here are some reasons why your business should be on the cloud.


Lower Costs

Perhaps the most important, yet the least cited business benefit of moving to the cloud are the lower costs. It just costs a heck of a lot less money to get services via the cloud than it does through other means. Cloud computing allows users to fully utilize hardware, meaning that you only pay for what you use and don’t end up wasting money on spare capacity, just in case.


Then there’s the fact that most businesses don’t actually have to store any data locally. This, in turn, reduces rack space and IT requirements. For small businesses, those savings can soon mount up.


Greater Integration

Network services have traditionally been difficult to integrate. But if you click here you’ll see that this is no longer the case. Small businesses based in the cloud are able to consolidate all their services into a single online platform or portal in a way that simply wasn’t possible in the past. The fact that businesses are able to do this means that their operations can be streamlined. With services fully in the cloud, there’s no need to keep switching between modern and legacy systems. And if a small business just uses software-as-a-service solutions, any updates can be applied externally without the need for local patching.


More Flexibility

Entrepreneur magazine makes the point that cloud services are much more flexible than traditional IT services. Having a business on the cloud means that you can upload and share documents whenever you want. And it means that the days of documents being siloed off on particular servers are long gone. For the mobile working community, this is excellent news. Documents can just be pulled up on a mobile device rather, avoiding annoying calls and emails to the office to get the right file sent over.


Businesses that are able to effectively use the cloud can potentially rid themselves of some pretty significant and annoying business costs, like the office and an IT infrastructure. Client-facing businesses will struggle to eliminate their offices completely, but many businesses, especially startups, can be almost entirely remote.


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