Five Ways Market Your New Business

There are no set rules for getting a new business off the ground, but a good first step is an effective marketing campaign. Starting from scratch can be a financial nightmare; to spend money on successfully promoting your business, you might need to make cuts elsewhere. Fortunately, a good marketing campaign doesn’t have to cut too much into your overall budget. Thanks to social media and technology, there are many ways you can market your small start-up business for free, or at a minimal cost.


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Build a website

Next to social media, a company website is the most effective way to tell people what your business is offering, and why they should come to you for that service. Building a website can be free, but you might want to invest in your own URL to make it look more professional. Once you’re happy with your website, submit the URL to popular search engines, which will help you generate more website traffic. Google and Bing, the most used search engines, offer the option of submitting your link onto their platform to improve your SEO ranking. Make sure you update your website regularly to give your customers relevant information.


Produce Great Quality Content

Online content is great for visibility, but you can go the extra mile and create some hard copy content to distribute to select people in your network. A good marketing agency can help you create engaging copy in the form of brochures and PR that will engage your contacts. Creating quality content has become essential to any marketing strategy today, but producing a hard copy sets you apart from your competition and further advertises your company.

Social Media

Reaching out to colleagues, professional contacts, and potential partners has never been easier with social media. The best part is, social media can be absolutely free if you don’t want to invest in deluxe profiles just yet. However, you can’t just make a company profile and hope for the best. You need an effective social media marketing strategy to grab people’s attention and hold it for more than a few minutes. You must innovate constantly, and provide content that makes people react in a positive way.


Attend Networking Events


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Making contacts on social media can be very helpful, but nothing beats old-fashioned face-to-face contact. Meeting contacts in person gives you the opportunity to present more of your business plans in greater detail than social media would allow. Keep an eye out for any networking events in your area and be sure to attend as many as possible. Don’t forget to bring business cards.


Stay In Touch

Once you’ve made contacts, either through social media or networking, you should make an effort to stay in touch. Your contacts themselves are also valuable promotion for your business since some things do still get around by word of mouth. Even when your business is booming, and you’re getting new customers every week, you must always maintain your current customer base.

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