Get out of your comfort zone!


Nice life

Everybody want to have nice life. Right? I don’t know a person who would like to have bad life. But the biggest question is how to have a nice life. Usually people think that those who are born under a rich star, and they are rich because their parents are rich have a nice life. But, you will not believe that is not the case. Why?

Because it is normal for them to have what they have. They do not look at it like it is something special. They whole life have whatever they want, and regarding that nothing makes them happy. You have ton of examples like that.

All of you and me which are not born under the rich star, we have to create out wealth. Good news is that when you create your own wealth you can enjoy it much better then those who didn’t have to work hard for it.


Comfort zone

Let make a clear this contradictory thing. We all want and need more comfort zone, right? We all want to travel to some exotic country, we all want more time for our self and money for spending. But, to achieve that we have to be willing to get out of the comfort zone and start to work on our business. It is true that those who goes to work and spend there 8 hours than rush home in front of television not have much comfort zone. They must go to work, but after their work they use their time for them self. I don’t say that is bad thing, but if you would like to achieve full comfort zone you have to get out of the comfort zone right now!

That means, if you would like to be free in your life and do what ever you want you have to get out of your comfort zone now, so you can have it later. Some people would not believe in that. Some people will say that after 8 hours of work they don’t want to spend any minute working. That is ok, bt those people cannot achieve full comfort zone.


How to get out of the comfort zone?

That is really simple! Just spend every minute of your day working on your business. Let make it even more simple. Spend most of the time on the things which producing result what you want. It is not being out of the comfort zone when you are doing some simple things and thinking how you are working very hard. No, that is not that. To be really out of the comfort zone you have to things which producing results and that is most likely something you do not love to do. 🙂

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