How to get rid of aggressive people on internet?


Online marketers can sometimes be very very aggressive! I am sure that all people notice that. How to fight with them, since they are like some crazy people who are in some crazy focus only to sign you up. They will force on you like crazy. No matter what you said, because they don’t even listen to you what you are saying, they just forcing you to get in their business and that you invest money in it.  It is sad that those guys call them self internet marketers. they are more aggressive attackers.


What to do with them?

To tell you the truth the best tactic for them is to tell them that you are already in that system. From that second they will lose any interest of talking with you. But, one thing for me is not good and that thing is laying. when you have to lie it is a bad thing. On the other hand to avoid the lie, you will have to be in every system.  You cannot be in every system which show’s up on market place. But the best thing to turn of those pit bulls is to say “Nice I am already in”


Don’t create haters

Well you can also bug them of what is not very polite to do, and probably they will not like you anymore. Well, they will hate you. You don’t need to create haters by yourself, you will had enough of them anyway. If you will create them you will have to much of pit bulls which don’t like you. That is very bad thing.

In any case those pit bulls are people just like you and me are and they want to have more people in their business and they want to earn more money and at the end they want to be successful.


The best way

What is the best way to explain people that they are aggressive and that it is the wrong way of approach. Because if you accept their aggressive offer they will see that this works for them and later on they will be more aggressive, because that expressivity works and later on they will be more aggressive because it worked before. Even if you join to their business you will do it in the same way. So, result is that we have so many aggressive people on internet.

Best way is to explain them that they are aggressive and that is not the way how they will build big business online. They can have few sign ups but that’s it. Also you can explain them how Attraction marketing works and how they will get much more sign ups with that approach instead of aggressive way of chasing people on internet. After you explain them some new things they will accept it or not. If one accept this new approach you done a great job, not only for yourself but also for others. Because that guy will not be so aggressive. 🙂

I am sure that you have also experience in this people behave and if you have some other approach how to handle it please share it in comments.


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