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In many ways, opening a garage is a sure-fire way to success. After all, no matter what else changes, we’ll always need cars. Even when the world is automated, we’ll need our vehicles serviced. That responsibility could fall to you if you open a garage business anytime soon.

But, as much as this is a fool-proof business plan, you’re also going up against existing companies. No one can deny that the work’s out there, but whether you get it or not is another matter. After all, most drivers have a tried and tested garage. Why would they take a risk by switching to you?

In truth, you should be able to compete with top-notch service and a decent marketing plan. But, it’s also worth finding a niche sure to sway customers your way. To do that, consider what your clientele values most. And, when it comes to cars, you can sure speed is the name of the game. After all, we all rely on our vehicles for daily life. Thus, the longer they’re in the garage, the worse it gets. Hence, offering a high-speed service is sure to serve you well. Read on to find out how you can make it happen.

Have parts on-site

Waiting for parts is one of the main reasons for long-term garage stays. So, you might want to think about having them on hand. Of course, it isn’t practical to stock every car part in history. That’s no way to do business. But, having basic parts on hand should tide you over here for the most part. What’s more, you’ll want to turn to companies like CTI supply and ensure you have the tools you need to make use of those basic parts. This may not serve you in every instance. But, it’ll certainly speed up progress on the majority of your jobs.

A varied team of mechanics


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It’s also worth considering speed during your employment process. That’s not to say that you should rush your hiring. Quite the opposite. Instead, you should employ a team for your auto repair shop which is varied in specialist skills. That way, you can ensure you always have someone on hand to do a job as necessary. Your customers won’t have to wait until ‘the paint guy’ gets back from holiday. Instead, you can make sure to rota in someone else who could do the job. Aim to hire two or three people for each specialist service, and alternate working hours accordingly.

Manage your workload

And, of course, it’s worth taking things back to basics. By getting a decent management plan in place, you can ensure more efficient work. And, that means less waiting for clients. Often, small jobs can take a while because of waiting in line. But, if you get on top of organizing your workload, there shouldn’t be any line to get behind. Hence, customers will be able to bring their car to you in the morning and pick it up again in the afternoon. Few garages can say that.

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