For a Great First Impression, Don’t Overlook These Important Workplace Factors

You can work hard on creating the best possible first impression for visitors to your workplace, but ultimately no matter how hard you try, there’ll be many more factors that determine just what a customer things about your company. While you can’t control a person’s thoughts, you can guide them towards thinking positively about your business by taking care of a few crucial details that many business owners overlook. Take a read of the five biggest ones below, and then get to work on ensuring that your clients only think good things about your business.






The Entryway


The first impression a visitor to your workplace receives won’t be when in your offices, or when they’re shaking your hand: it’ll be when they get out of their car and enter your premises. Take a look: what will they say when they do this? If it’s overly confusing to navigate, or otherwise not very welcoming, then you’ll be getting off to a bad start. It’s important to get off on a good foot, so make sure that your entryway is welcoming, with a friendly receptionist on hand to point them in the right direction of where they need to go.


Staff Morale


You can tell a lot about a company by the happiness of its staff. It’s something that people just can’t ignore. If they arrive at your offices and everyone is happy, then they’ll have faith that the company is doing the right things, and is on the right track. However, if they arrive and they’re greeted by gloomy faces all around, it might dampen the enthusiasm they have for your company. If things aren’t quite as cheerful as they could be, look at the typical ways to improve employee engagement and happiness. Aside from enhancing your first impression, it’ll also make work a more delightful place to be and make staff more productive!




There’s something to be said for having an untidy workspace. It could show that things are happening, and people are too busy moving things forward to put away all those pieces of paper once they’re finished. On the other hand, this might also look unprofessional, and most definitely will appear this way if it’s combined with unclean premises. To avoid being looked upon unfavorably because of your tidiness issues, make office cleaning a priority. Alongside a boost to your first impression, it’ll also help your employees focus better and improve the all-around ambiance of your workplace.


Your Branding


Finally, let’s think about your branding. Nothing will hurt your appearance more severely than your workplace being at odds with what you say about yourself. If you claim in your literature to be forward and progressive, then they should be reflected in your workplace. You’ll lose all credibility if you claim to be one thing but then don’t back it up with your office design!


Final Thoughts


You can’t always guarantee that people will love you from the second they lay eyes on you, but you can control their thoughts more than you think. Take care of the details outlined above, and you’ll be on your way to a stellar first impression!


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