How to handle a flash cash people?


I am sure that  you have contact with people who constant doing this cash flash thing all around the internet. Did you notice that on Social Media? When you are surfing and all the time some picture goes with some cash on it and they would like that you joined their business because of that cash flashing.


Flash cash

Sad thing is that people are desperate and they jump on every flash cash and think how that will made them fortune. But reality is little different. In reality those cash flash guys produce only more cash flash guys. Because they don’t know any other way how to attract people in their business. So, what is the result? To many people with a flash cash option. I have nothing against cash, but as attraction of people to a business is a really sad motive. Because those guys will do what ever it takes just to see cash, and later on they can flash cash it like their mentors before.


What you want?

On internet there is so many things to do. One thing will made you lot of money in short time, other thing will not made you lot of money in short time. On, some things you can lose money and so on. I will tell you what is important.  Important thing is that you do what you like, that you do it with your passion and that you are happy when you do that, what ever it is. That is the most important thing. Money? Money will come with it don’t worry. As, you can see around the world people who are not happy and have all money in the world. I am not saying that money is bad, just that you start to do what is in alignment with you!


Avoid  flash cash guys

You must know that all big earners in Online marketing industry are not Cash Flash guys. All of them! Do you think that Eric Worre must say that he earned 7 figure or more amount this month? Or does Ray Higdon must say how much money he earn? Or Gary Vaynerchuk? No, those guys gives value to the people. They are not bragging about that how much money they earn. Who do you listen that you will become!

So, if you would like to become somebody who will made some money and brag about it. Than you can listen to those  flash cash guys. If they earn money at all. Most of them just would like you to get in their business or to invest in their business. Because you cannot check anyway how much they really earn. They can say anything!


Knowledge is priceless

So, who do you trust then and where do you move your attention? The best thing what you can do in any niche is to follow those guys who give great value. Because anyway you have to learn things before you start to do anything. From a flash cash guys you will learn how to brag and attract people in your business, but from the people who are not bragging and have knowledge you will get value. So, if you choose value and knowledge before money you will prosper much more at the end.

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