Hiring and Managing Employees for Your At-Home Business

Small businesses are popping up all over the world thanks to the accessibility of the internet, the learning resources available online and the technology that empowers us. In the past, businesses were a lot more difficult to start up and they usually required a physical location. Nowadays, an at-home business only needs a website and you’re good to go. In fact, some businesses even operate through social media without having an online storefront.




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However, one of the issues with hiring staff for an at-home business is that you don’t have a physical location. It’s different to hiring for a regular office or a store because you get to see them, you get to teach them their tasks, and you can interact together. This makes the employment process a lot more formal and you get to learn more about your potential recruits. But when you work at home, the process is a little different since most of your business is going to be conducted over the internet. In addition, managing employees can be challenging if you aren’t confident using cloud technology.


If you’re having a hard time finding and managing your employees over the internet with your at-home business, then here are a couple of tips to help you find the best talent.



Don’t advertise as at-home

Unfortunately, many people looking for at-home work are lazy individuals who want a simple job to perform from home. Although this is a very harsh generalisation, you want to avoid those types as much as possible and instead, omit the “at-home” from your job description. You can try to advertise other things, such as “work from anywhere” or “remote employees”, but try to avoid the “at-home” phrase. This will attract employees that are looking for more than just an at-home job and you’re almost guaranteed to find professionals.



Remain professional

Although you probably won’t lead them through a formal interviewing process, it’s still a good idea to be professional with them especially during communication. For instance, make sure you use a pay stub generator such as https:/www.thepaystubs.com instead of using Google Docs to create your own. This ensures it’s accurate, they’re easy to make and it takes a lot of work off your shoulders. During contact, make sure that you’re not using too many slang words, but try not to appear too strict or rigid.




Consider freelancers

If you need permanent employees then it makes sense to hire distant workers. However, if you only need a small job done such as a writer for an article, a designer for a logo or a programmer for a website, then consider contacting an outsourcing service or speak with freelancers. Freelancers are usually easier to find as well thanks to websites like https://www.upwork.com/. These one-time jobs (especially if they’re creative) are better left to professionals that work on a per-job basis. This ensures you don’t overpay someone for the work they do and you get to browse their portfolio and talk about the project with an experienced designer before they get to work. Permanent workers are best hired if you can offer them a constant stream of work, such as hiring a news writer for your website or a social media manager.



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