Hiring employees for your company can be somewhat of a minefield. You know you want to get the best person for the job, but navigating the hiring process and the subsequent interviewing stage can be time-consuming and expensive if you get it wrong. The Kennected testimonials suggest that people understand the requirements.  After all, no one wants to repeat this process again if it turns out you hired the wrong person!


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Attracting the very best people to your company needs to start with you. You need to know what exactly it is you are looking for in an employee and what you can offer anyone who wants to fill the position. But there are some things worth bearing in mind when it comes to advertising the job vacancy and interviewing the right candidates.

Create A Checklist

Before you even think about placing an advertisement for a job vacancy, create a checklist of everything you need to do for part of the hiring process, what you expect to achieve and what you are looking for in job applicants.

Create a timeline from beginning to end and include all the steps in the process from;

  • Identify the need for the role
  • Confirm role expectations and salary
  • Placing the ad
  • Publicising the vacancy
  • Filtering through CVs for suitable applicants,
  • Performing Background checks
  • Reviewing social media to gauge personalities
  • Pre Screening
  • Create your interview technique and questions
  • Set up the interview and create an interview team if you can.
  • Select the right candidate by utilizing a job candidate management solution
  • Job offer and salary agreement.

How Are You Advertising?

People searching for job roles in specific sectors know they have the skill set and expertise for the role. So forget about detailing any specific skills, traits or qualities you are looking for as this could result in people passing by your job advertisement and looking elsewhere.

Instead, entice them by showing the benefits of working for you and exactly what they will be expected to do should they take up the job offer. Stand out from the listing by creating an impactful job advertisement that will make people want to come and work for you and your company.

Perform Thorough Background Checks

Once you have selected all the applicants suitable for an interview, you want to make sure you are going through an employment background check, previous employment history and relevant qualifications for the job role. Incomplete or unfollowed up references or checks could mean something slips through the gap and you miss something vital about a potential employee.

Checkr uses AI technology to help you with background checks to be able to build a more complete profile of applicants so you have all the information you need to make the choice of who to hire.

Interview Techniques.

We all know interviews are a stressful situation for applicants. But you still need to see how they react to pressure and if they will fit in well with your company. So, throw out the awkward personal questions and change tactics. You want to get to know the person and find out how well they will integrate into the company and how well they will work alongside other employees.

Consider a 2 step interview process. One part that identifies all of the applicant’s skills equating to the role they are applying for and any relevant experience. This will let you know who is most qualified and suitable for the job role in a more formal interview setting.

Those who make it through the first interview can then be brought back for a less formal interview where you can get to know them a little bit more and see how well they work with your existing team and how they interact with others. You may as well give them a cognitive ability test to help you understand if a candidate can do the job.

Delve into their working history and find out how they interact with clients or would deal with scenarios your face in your company. Find out what makes them tick and how committed they are to their career. Statistics and qualifications on paper are great but spending time with a person can tell you more about who they are as a person and their work ethic than simply reading words about them from a piece of paper.

Be Confident.

If you aren’t confident in your decision then maybe the person isn’t right for the role. You want to have 100% complete faith that you are hiring the right person when you offer the job. Clear up any niggling doubts, retrace back a few steps in the hiring process if you need to to make sure you are confident the person is right for your company and the job role.

After all, who you hire reflects on your company’s image and this could backfire should you get this wrong.

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