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Content is the royal leader when it comes to attracting attention on the world wide web. This isn’t very modern advice – people have been saying it since the nineties, after all. And yet people keep failing to deliver properly. Here are the things you need to consider when creating content!


Why should the reader care?

You should ask yourself this question when you’re creating content for your website or your social media accounts. Why should the person viewing it actually care? Why should they care about the main point of your article? Why would they enjoy the image you’re sharing? Is it because of it’s funny? Socially beneficial? If you can’t answer this question, the content may not be interesting or relevant enough.



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Keep it coming

One of the most important things you can do when it comes to content is deliver it regularly. If people like what they see, then they’re going to want to see more of it. If they see that you’re a business that can provide regular content, then they’re more likely to keep an eye on you in the future. They’ll also stay on your website longer to view your entertaining catalog of content! If you feel you’re too busy to deliver content regularly, you could always get assistance from a social media manager.


Make it actionable

This goes for text content more than any other form of content. When we write content, we tend to write in an attempt to get the reader to do something. Take this article, for instance. Its purpose is to make you think about content strategies, as well as consider helpful services. With the provided information so far, you can start doing those things right away. This is what is meant by actionable. A reader can get straight to the task at hand almost immediately after finish the article.




Tickle the funny bone

Sure, there are some instances where humor isn’t exactly the best approach. But, in general, it’s the best way to go about content delivery. After all, what’s the quickest way to make someone like you? To make them laugh. (Flattery only gets you so far, after all.) So delivering funny content is key to getting yourself new and loyal fans. This doesn’t mean you should just repost the funniest memes you’ve found in the last hour. You should bring your own humorous content to the table.


Remember the keywords

You’ve heard of SEO, right? It’s what is going to keep your content in the Googlesphere. When people search for these terms, they’re going to find you. That is, if your content follows the rest of these guidelines! Keywords are an absolute must to consider when you’re creating content.


Chop it up

You’re not trying to write a Pynchonesque novel, here. You’re trying to write entertaining, relevant, attention-grabbing content. You’re trying to write something that can be consumed with a fair amount of speed and ease. So writing in long, verbose paragraphs isn’t the best advice. Users are likely to lose attention when looking at big blocks of text on a computer screen. Chop it up into several small paragraphs. If you want a decent example of this… Well, look above!

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