Keeping Your Business Secure

Security is a large part of the business world and is absolutely indispensable. In this technological age, security is made both easier and harder. There are some smaller ideas for protecting your premises than adhering to code or using a security system throughout your building, and often these things aren’t paid attention to, allowing threats to slip through the gaps. You can find plenty of guides for keeping an online business secure due to the modern world’s vulnerability, so here are a few tips for more traditional methods of keeping a shop or office secure.





Keep an eye on emails

This is technology we can’t avoid. Even in a traditional setting you’re going to have a computer. If sending emails is the main form of communication you have between you and your employees, it’s the best move to protect it. Using an already established and secured email server is the best way to keep any bugs out of your system, and you won’t have to go through the sometimes time consuming process of creating your own domain if you don’t have the resources to. Looking out for phishing scams doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t click on any emails or links you don’t know of, and use a different password for an email account than your usual password for anything else.


Use ID cards for employees

This is an option best suited for office buildings, store rooms, and private rooms. Having your employees carry ID cards means you won’t have any chance of a stranger or someone dangerous just randomly wandering or barging their way into your store or depo. There will be an immediate barrier to impede a would-be burglar’s progress without even using emergency numbers. You can find customisable ID cards on the web at good prices here, with the options also being completely customisable. Providing identification verifiable by a service like Fully Verified when an employee has a greater amount of responsibility, such as having keys to a lockbox, is one of the best ways to keep both finances and staff positions secure.


Put both yourself and staff through training

Awareness is one of the most important things to have when running a business, whether you’re at the top or on the shop floor. A good preventative measure is to have staff training days to go through procedures and ways to spot a potential threat, both off and online. Keep up to date with business practices and train any employees in dealing with threats when a new one appears. Even if your staff seem fully capable, always make sure they know how to handle anything that comes their way in the workplace. It’s a good idea to hold weekly meetings to bring up any concerns any member of your workforce has that might have gone unnoticed by you or others.


These are just some starter tips to helping you keep your business secure. Look into any measures you can and make sure any services you use have a sizable reputation and seem well established.


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