Business is all about the connections you make, connections with your customers, your peers, and your clients. The one thing that makes you stand out from the next business is how you present yourself. And what’s the way to do this properly? A marketing campaign. The problem in setting up a marketing campaign is that it takes time, effort, and money. Lots of money! And if you’re looking at cutting costs in the long run and keeping staff, it’s your marketing campaign that will undoubtedly suffer! However, setting up a campaign can be done for cheap.



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The first step is almost too obvious, plan ahead! Look at your budget and allocate a portion that you can realistically put towards marketing. It doesn’t have to be a massive sum because there are things you can do to grow your business with small amounts of money. You could purchase autoresponder leads, which will be suitable for an email marketing campaign. As emails make up a lot of the bare bones of a marketing campaign, and it is a relatively cheap tool to invest in, you can easily recoup your funds in custom. A key part of effective marketing is the business branding, which is just another word for personality, and in emails, you can create a very warm and effective personality instead of the standard email templates. People recognize a robotic email template from a mile off, so spend some time on making your personality warm.

Secondly, choose your platform wisely! The smorgasbord of online platforms to place your company on means that you are spoilt for choice, but do you need to be all over every single platform? Or should you choose just a few that are key ones for your audience? If your product caters to young people who need to be bombarded with sexy imagery, then there is no point in putting out a podcast on iTunes, is there? This is where market research will come in handy. Allocating a small fund to getting a sample of your audience for honest feedback will help you concentrate your efforts on the best ways to push your product.





Advertise it! If you don’t get your product out there, how can you expect people to buy it? Once you have picked the right platform, you can choose the right media to create and to advertise the product in a way that is best. Advertising campaigns are a lot cheaper to sustain now thanks to social media, but the money needs to go into the commercial first. If you are selling surf items, then you have to put it in the right context, and you have to show the dynamics of the product in the right context. This means spending money on the best way to present the items you are selling.

The notion of marketing and advertising is about spending the money at the outset to recoup the costs later. While the marketing can be done for a small sum thanks to social media, if you don’t dedicate the appropriate funds to showing the product in the best possible light, you are doing your product, and your business, a disservice.


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