Did you notice that mobile time is here. Everything regarding the internet you can do with your mobile phone.

mobileMobile phone

So, most of the People now using their mobile phones for lot of different things.
You have internet, email, all possible app, games and so on. People using mobile phone everywhere. In bus, in-car in restaurant. Everywhere!
Since everybody is on mobile phone you have to be prepared and set your blog (if you have one)  according to this new fashion. If you do not have blog I suggest you to made one. If you don’t know how to set up blog? You can do it in 3 minutes. Just take this course  and you will do it very easy.

1. You have to have responsive theme.

If you have a blog than you must have a responsive theme. What is that mean? That is mean that your blog or website have to change according the device where People are watching. If they are on mobile phones it has to adjust to that size of screen, or if they use tablets again theme must adjust to that screen.

2.  Give up your privacy little

Good thing is to have your mobile phone number on you page so People can text you if they want. Since they use mobile phone maybe they would like to send you question, to see if you are real. Of course when that start to bother you With a big amount of messages than you remove number, or give that number to your assistant to answer the messages.

3. Paying adds

If you paying some ads. Like on Facebook which have let say pretty Cheap ads. Always set ad in that way so this ads Show up on mobile phones also. You have to know that Lot of your audience Will see your web or blog on their mobile phones. I Heard more and more People who Said that even they didn’t Open their computers since they have mobile phone with 4G. They just do not need computers any more.
Think about it how to get closer to audience on mobile phones. Here you can take a learn how to get leads with mobile phones. This Will help you how to set everything up and enjoy collecting leads.

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