Saving Yourself From Solopreneur Burnout


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The world has gone absolutely crazy for solopreneurs with more and more people opting to go this route rather than remain underappreciated and undervalued in whatever job they were working before. We get why people would opt to take this route, but it is one that shouldn’t be looked at lightly because, well, solopreneurs have a tendency to start feeling jaded, tired, frustrated, knackered and on the brink of burning out at some point.


This is unsurprising, though. You’re playing the role of business leader, decision maker, manager, PR expert, accountant, and coffee maker. You’re essentially a candle with twelve hundred wicks and you’re burning at all ends. The thing that tends to catch most people out when they go down this route, however, is themselves. You are likely going to be the toughest boss you ever had – high-expectations, no sick days, zero vacations – and that is what needs to be addressed.


You need to restore a bit more balance into your existence and here are the best ways to do that:


O.A.D – Outsource, Automate And Delegate

As a solopreneur, you want to take responsibility for everything. That could be your nature or past experiences. Either way, you need to get over this. That’s because every day you are at work, there are tasks that you can hand to other people, which will reduce the stress you face and the energy you waste. If you are struggling to keep up with online marketing trends, then try outsourcing to a holistic company like E-Web digital marketing agency. If you are sick of wasting three hours scheduling meetings and photocopying receipts, then delegate this task to someone. The less time you waste on things that can be done by other people the more time you have to focus on your company. The same goes for automating certain tasks. You won’t reap the benefits until you take this step though.


Don’t Just Offer The Premium Of You

Nothing can heap the pressure onto you quite as much as you needing to be involved in every single hustle. If you are needed in every sale then you are preventing yourself from stepping aside and enjoying the little things in life, like, you know, a lazy Sunday morning. That is why you should aim to offer products and services that are more passive, that don’t depend on your personal touch. This won’t just take the pressure off you in day-to-day proceedings, it will also take the pressure off you when you need to step away for whatever reasons. If you are reading this and unsure of how you can make passive products, just know it is a matter of thinking outside that metaphorical box. If you coach people, why not write a book and put it on your website – you could even release it a chapter at a time. If you give talks every so often, try recording them and then selling them at a lower price. This will also be a great strategy for building a client list and then encouraging those to start buying your more premium products, which is your time.


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