On-Site vs. Off-Site vs. Hybrid


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Data is becoming one of the most important assets that a business can have. Customer data powers business and enables them to make money. And, there’s always data that you will want to keep secure. But, how is the best way to go about doing something like this? How should your data be stored? To help you out, this post will be going through three different storage methods, which a lot of businesses currently use. Hopefully, it will give you an idea of which option might be best for your company. Or, at least get you on the right tracks.


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In the past, pretty much all data would be stored on-site. This would be done using storage servers that run on an internal network. This way, data can be shared by anyone on the network, without dealing with the slowness caused by the Internet. A system like this will usually be the most secure of the three because no one will have access from the outside. But, it could also be the least convenient way for you to store your data. Information stored like this will only be accessible from one place. Along with this, the hardware required to build a system like this can be very costly. This is something that will restrict a lot of small businesses when they’re trying to achieve something like this.


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With the advent of high-speed Internet, the old restrictions found when storing data online are gone. Now, it’s entirely possible to have all of your data hosted elsewhere. This sort of system is usually the cheapest to run. But, it’s arguably the least secure. All of your data will be stored on servers for this, which means that they won’t be secured by you. Of course, a lot of companies that offer cloud storage like this will also offer amazing security with it. But, this won’t stop everyone. This can be the easiest system to use if you want to have regular backups made, though. These systems use a RAID configuration, which means that they can play with the data much more effectively than a regular system.


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Thankfully, there’s a good middle ground for these services. Hybrid storage solutions will have data stored both offsite and on-site. This will give you the chance to keep all of your most secure data within your own walls; ensuring its security. Then, less crucial data can be stored on the external service. Both systems will be talking to each other, so you will still have access to your files outside of the office. But, they won’t be sitting around for someone to take. This sort of system will sit in the middle when it comes to price. But, will provide more than enough benefits to make the price worth it.


This should give you a good idea of which system your business would benefit from the most. In a lot of cases, hybrid systems are best because it gives you several levels of security. But, the other options are still perfectly reasonable and viable to be pursuing.


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