Small Businesses Need More Optimised Advertising


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You don’t need to be an expert fortune teller to know a small business’ advertising requirements. They’re going to all share two primary needs: cost-sensitive and effective. The issue is, typically speaking, you can only get one or the other because, well, it isn’t easy to find something that shows impressive results for not a lot of money.

That’s why you need to optimise your advertising strategy by budgeting for it and not just spending the dribs and drabs leftover from your other budgets. Successful advertising is all about putting the right money in the right places, and the more consistently you do this the more you’ll be able to measure your successes.

And here is how you can best optimise your advertising efforts:

Target Your Audience With Laser-Point Accuracy

The product or service you have may be amazing, it may even be genius, but it is not going to be for everyone. Everyone is different, which means everyone likes different things, and it is very unlikely that your product is going to be the anomaly. That’s why you need to target your audience. So use the data you have gathered and then create an accurate profile of what your average customer looks like. The more you know the more accurate you can be, and the less money you will squander.

You Can’t Manage What you Don’t Measure

All too often we hear stories about small businesses failing to track to their advertising success which means they cannot know the value of their expenditure. There is no excuse for this, as Falcon Digital Marketing will tell you in no uncertain terms. If you are using the two biggest online advertising platforms in Google AdWords and Facebook for business then you also have access to thorough analytics about who is responding to your adverts, which posts are working best and what the price per click of your campaign is. As a little tip, we suggest you test and experiment as much as you can because good advertising is all about trial and error.

Life Is All About One Thing; Timing

There is no way you can sustain a high-intensity advertising campaign all year round if you are a small business. Now should you. Much like life, advertising success is all about the timing. If you sell season products or services then concentrate your advertising before and during these peak seasons. Focus your efforts at times in the year when people send. This means Christmas and Black Friday if you are a product-based business, or at the beginning of the month when people have been paid. If you are a service-based business then work with an advertising agency that considers quarterly needs, results, budgets and targets. Another great thing to consider is your competitors and what they are doing. Maybe you can match their promotions, or better them.

The thing that so many people forget about, or don’t think about, is the value of money. Not all money is equal. You see, the true value of money is not so much the number printed on it but where, when and how well you spend it.

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