Solutions For A De-Cluttered Work Environment

The more responsibility you have, the harder it becomes to keep track of everything in your life, especially when you find yourself juggling a busy work schedule alongside personal commitments. Whether you work from home, run your own business or work for somebody else, being organized is key to the successful management of your work life.




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Keeping on top of your job starts with a de-cluttered work environment. The way in which your clutter manifests itself might be physical, regarding a messy workspace or may emerge in the way in which you organize your online presence. Below you will find several straight-forward solutions to declutter your life and boost your productivity.



Investing in private cloud space will provide you with additional security benefits as well as offering increased reliability, so you don’t find yourself at the mercy of personal computers and storage devices. There is a huge demand for cloud storage space at the moment, however, all too often the free cloud storage spaces do not offer enough storage for an individual’s needs, particularly if you need a large amount of online space as a business owner. With such a large market it can be difficult to choose the best cloud storage service for your money. Fortunately, there are online services that go through and source the best private cloud pricing for you. Uploading your files to the cloud is a great hack to declutter your digital life and can save you a lot of hassle.



Simplify your desk space. An over-cluttered desk can distract you from what you need to be doing. Working in a physically messy environment can decrease your productivity and can be draining on your time as well. Don’t fill your desk with quirky gadgets or vast amounts of stationery that you probably won’t use. Instead, focus on a workspace that only has the essential items you need. Interestingly, an increased amount of workers are swapping their sit-down desks for standing ones. Standing desks have been shown to increase productivity as well as being better for your posture.



Organize your phone. There is nothing more distracting than the sound of constant notifications coming from your phone, for you and people working near you. Even if your phone is on silent, you are likely to spot the notification from your phone if it is on your desk, or if you use it for work-related business. If you can’t turn your phone off, then shut down all non-essential notifications! In a similar vein, make sure to get rid of non-essential apps and programs, which will also free up your storage and enable you to be more productive.



Sort your e-mail out. If you have multiple accounts, try to sync them into one account. It is far easier to keep on top of all the emails you are likely to receive when you don’t have to constantly switch from one account to another.  Make sure to unsubscribe from unnecessary mailing lists! Streamlining and filtering your email will allow you to respond to people quickly and efficiently and cut down the time you spend doing so.



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