Survival Tips For Novice Bosses

Nothing is more exciting to the owner of a fledgling business than realising they have enough money in their budget to hire someone to help them. At least, until you realise you have no idea how to be someone’s boss. You want to do the job properly of course, and make sure that your team is happy and efficient. However, it’s a minefield, and you’ll only know that you’ve made a mistake when something goes wrong. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to get everyone off to the right start.




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Walk the walk

If you can get some personal loyalty from the team, it’ll make your job much easier if you’re respected by your team. One way to do this is to lead by example. If you work with your employees, and set the pace, then they’ll respect you far more, and increase their productivity with it. One way to impress a team is by never asking them to do a job that you wouldn’t do yourself, whatever that might be.




Step back

Don’t micromanage your team unless absolutely necessary, either. If you’re always breathing down their necks, then they’ll eventually get annoyed with you. By giving your team a bit of space, you can encourage them to use their initiative, and take more pride in their work. Take a look at the examples of other entrepreneurs you admire; although he started out with work experience in his grandfather’s firm, health care industry innovator, Jim Tsokanos now oversees thousands of employees in his New York based company. You don’t get to be that successful if you’re the kind of boss that is overbearing and makes everyone want to quit. Tsokanos has a lot of achievements listed on and some insights into micromanaging that, as a new boss, you might find interesting.  When managing larger teams, it can be useful to allocate team leader roles, as this will let you escape having to manage each person individually, and allows the team leader a bit of responsibility, which can often let them shine.




Find a balance

It’s very easy to go absolutely mad with power, and throw your weight around in hopes of making a big impression. Sometimes, that can be good, but mostly that will only serve to unsettle your team. The worst thing that you can do is to start by upsetting your team with huge demands and changing the way they work. If you do need to make changes, or them gradually, so that people don’t panic or get upset. Don’t forget, they’re probably nervous about starting out in this new company, and you don’t want to be thought of as domineering.


In short, the best boss to be is the boss that you’d like to have. Think about which leaders  inspired and motivated you, and try and emulate that. If you can get your team on your side, and loyal to you personally, then half of your job is already done for you.




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