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Surviving the first stages – or the first couple of years – as a new business is a tough challenge, one of the toughest, so if you have managed that then congratulations. However, chances are you are not content with where you are. After all, we all start a business with grand ambitions and you may well be asking yourself how you take your business to the next level; how to encourage growth.


There is no set path to follow, nor any means of guaranteeing success, but to help you along the way, we have come up with a few ideas. Some of these may suit you better than others due to different variables, but there should be something to assist everyone.


Set Up A New Shop

When you are thinking about expansion, one of the most direct and immediate things linked to this is opening up in a new location. Of course, there are certain risks attached to this and certain questions you need to ask yourself first, and it may require you to take out some quick business loans, but it could be the trigger for fast growth. The most important thing to consider is your bottom-line. You need to have seen the constant and steady growth that you can capitalize on.


Offer Your Business As A Franchise

This is one of the best options for a wide range of businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you have a baby and toddler group, or restaurant or a computer repair shop, this is an option for everyone. This will allow people to take your success and open it up elsewhere at no cost to you. In fact, you will receive payment for this and, usually, a percentage of their revenue your franchisee’s make. So not only will your exposure grow, so will your risk-free expansion. What’s more, the people who are willing to take on a franchise will have a vested interest in it, meaning they will enjoy it while increasing their output.


Target Some Other Markets

When you have seen success in one market, it is a great idea to start looking at what other markets you may be able to expand into. There is just one question you need to be asking yourself: what markets will offer you the best financial return? As a little tip, we suggest you look at your current demographic and analyze how you can build from there. For example, if your current market is aimed at young adults at college, it may be worth looking at how you can introduce your business into schools or colleges or even clubs.


Become An Internet Business Too

While Bill Gates wasn’t exactly right, he wasn’t far off when he said that there will only be two kinds of businesses; those that operate on the internet and those that fail. What he was trying to say, though, is the world wide web holds the key to the easy expansion of business. It gives you access to a global marketplace, so if you aren’t yet using the internet, or using it to full effect, then this should be your immediate area of focus. It doesn’t matter whether you offer a product or a service, the biggest net you can use when landing customers is an effective online strategy, so make sure you are fully operational in this area.


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