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The only way you, as a business owner, can master the world of business is if you surround yourself with a strong team. Specifically, in this day and age, this team should be well versed in the latest technologies and technological advances. If you don’t then you leave your business susceptible to having to face a host of plights. If you don’t, then you leave your business susceptible to failure. So, surround yourself with a team of tech experts; read on to find out just who these experts should be.



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Managed IT service providers

Wasting time and efforts in business is never a good thing. When these things are wasted by anybody involved in your business — and that means both you and your employees — your business suffers. And, just as you would seek to banish time wasting in the physical realm of your business, you need to banish it online too. And one way to do so is to enlist the services of a managed IT service provider. What this provider would do is offer you managed services online. This would mean that neither you, nor anybody else in your business, would have to waste time navigating through IT issues. But, it’s not just the eradicating of time wasting that such a provider would offer you. No, they would also ensure that everything is working as it should be when it comes to all the important aspects of your business’s use of IT and online technology. A provider of managed IT services would provide your business’s use of technology with a backbone, meaning you’d never have to worry about IT again.





Once you’ve got the backbone of your IT services sorted it’s time to start focussing your attentions  elsewhere. It’s time to start focussing them on just how you are going to get the most out of online technology in the more customer facing areas of your business. You have to start focussing on your online presence, and one way to do this is to give precedence to your business’s social media sites. Without a strong online presence in this sense your business will not be able to be a business for much longer. This is because of the fact that, today, marketing campaigns generally take place online as this is where the audience are. And if you can’t reach your audience, you will not garner their custom. And if you can’t garner their custom, you won’t make any profit. And if you don’t make any profit, you won’t be able to pay your necessary outgoings, such as your payroll or other bills. And when you can’t pay these, well, you probably know what will happen to your business. So, you need to give great precedence to just how you are creating your business’s online presence on social media platforms; one way to do this is to enlist the help of a webmaster. What this sort of online presence professional will do is ensure that your business is doing all it can, and all it has to, to draw an audience online that can then be converted into customers in the real world. In their day-to-day tasks they would take it upon themselves to ensure your social media sites are always active and relevant. To do so both properly and effectively, they would do a number of things. The first thing they would do is ensure that the right campaign is going on the right social media site. For instance, certain campaigns are better suited to Twitter, and some are better suited to Facebook. To run a campaign on the wrong site would be detrimental as both cater to different audiences and offer different marketing styles. If differentiating between these two sites is something you feel you would not be able to do. And if you feel that running competitions, seminars and interacting with your audience online all day is something you cannot do. Then enlisting the services of a webmaster to your techy team is definitely something you should do.





Uptime operators

But the job is not done once you’ve provided your business with a strong IT and online backbone as well as having created an online presence for it. No, you need to ensure that this backbone and your presence remain as upwardly mobile as possible going into the future. And to do this you must also enlist uptime operators onto your team of techy wizards. Having a good website for your business is another thing that is crucial to the success of its online presence. But no matter how good your webmaster makes your website, it will all be in vain if the site can’t be accessed. So, you need to ensure your site is up at all times, and this is where an uptime operator should come into your plans. An operator, such as the technological service known as UptimeRobot, would monitor and guard your site at all times. It would keep an eye on it come rain or shine, at both day and night. It would then alert you to any instance of your site being down, meaning you can catch it quicker. And the quicker you catch your down site, the quicker you can get it back up and running again. And, ultimately, the quicker you do this the more chance you have of retaining or garnering custom. This is because of the fact that anybody who seeks to access your site will simply leave it if they can’t access it because it’s down.




Your business needs a team of techy wizards, whether you think it does or not. It needs one to ensure that its IT is working as it should be. It needs one to ensure its online presence is garnering as much attention as possible. And it needs one to ensure that everything is working as it should be at all times. Without one, your business will suffer. So, get out there and start enlisting the tech support your business desperately needs. Whether this helps comes in the form of tech-savvy humans, or other technological services, enlist their help!




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