These days, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who are trying hard to change the practices within their company and try to make them as environmentally friendly as possible. Recent research and studies have shown us that it is now imperative that we choose to lead green lifestyles in an attempt to help save the planet and reverse climate change. This is the main reason why lots of businesses are getting onboard with eco-friendly changes, but it’s also because a lot of customers are now choosing to only do business with green companies as they start to overhaul their lifestyles as well.

Ready to go green with your company? Here are some dos and don’ts that you should follow.

Don’t Judge Employees’ Choices

Firstly, it’s important not to judge any of your employee’s choices in the office. Even though buying a cup of coffee in a one-use cup every morning on their way into the office isn’t the most environmentally friendly option, you shouldn’t judge them for it. What’s more, you should try to passive-aggressively try to make them change their ways. The only thing you can do is to teach them the benefits of greener choices and try to encourage them to make them. If you judge anyone too harshly, then it could turn them against you.

Do Reuse And Recycle

There are lots of materials and equipment that can be reused and recycled but hardly any companies are doing so. So, it’s important to educate yourself on what exactly you can use again in your company rather than just throwing it out. For instance, the majority of unwanted electronic equipment can be recycled if taken to a data center recycling in your area. It’s also worth taking a look at to see if your company will benefit from storing rainwater. There are various ways companies can reuse water.



Don’t Allow Employees To Be Wasteful

Generally speaking, printing excessive amounts will lead to your company using way too much paper, which is bad for the environment. Not only that, though, but using more office supplies in general can also have a negative impact on environmental matters. So, you should try and encourage your employees to cut down on their wasteful habits. This may seem like a very small step on the journey to a greener company, but every little bit helps!

Do Cut Down On Business Travel

Traveling long distances is very bad for the environment as all the air and car travel will be polluting the environment. Ideally, you need to restrict your business trips as much as possible. If you do need to travel somewhere, try and only use trains as they are the most eco-friendly form of transport. Of course, you might not need to travel at all. Thanks to recent tech developments, conference call technology, like, has vastly improved, and many business professionals are happy to simply call their clients.

Which of these great tips will you use to make your company even greener?

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Hrvoje Horvat


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