What Can You Do For Your Business Before 2020?

As a business owner, you will want to move your company forward. You cannot remain stagnant. Here are some things you can do before 2020 comes about…



Design The Perfect Letterhead For Your Business

Letterhead printing is imperative if your business is to have a professional brand identity. Whenever you communicate with someone via the written word, you will enforce your company’s corporate image, which is crucial. However, you will only do this is if the letterhead is effectively designed. Read on for some top tips.

  •     Make sure it is consistent with your brand identity – First and foremost, you need to ensure that the letterhead you design for the online printing service you are going to use is consistent with your brand image and can achieve Customer outreach. Choose the colours and the font you already use for your logos and marketing materials at present.
  •     Keep it simple – It is important to remember that the letterhead is not a marketing material in itself. It is not like a leaflet or a poster whereby it actively advertises your business’s services. Instead, it is a delivery mechanism. You need to ensure it stays this way; don’t fill it with content or overcrowd it with fancy details.
  •     Use colour sparingly – Colour is an excellent way of catching attention and ensuring your letterhead makes an impact. But, if you use too much of it, you can lose an element of professionalism and the design can appear confusing.
  •     Use hierarchy in your design – You need to use hierarchy when you design so that the information is communicated effectively. Firstly, you must decide what the critical information pieces are, including your address, telephone number, email address, and such like. After which, you need to ensure they are laid out in the most effective manner.
  •     Clarity – Last but not least, clarity is key. You may have fallen in love with a particular font, but if it is difficult to read, it is no good. You need to choose something that is simple and legible. The same applies no matter whether you are investing in letterhead printing, postcard printing, or something else.
Use Software To Enhance Recruitment Efforts

It is recommended that every recruitment agency or business utilises some form of database software in order to operate to the optimum level. After all, this is one of the best ways to effectively view possible candidates, decipher between different options and keep everything organised. There are several different software options like TrinityIS.com at people’s disposal; nevertheless one of the most popular choices seems to be cloud recruitment software. 

There are a whole host of benefits associated with the cloud-based recruitment software. One of the main reasons why it is a popular option today, in particular, is because it is highly cost-effective. Any “cloud” based computer application is something which is delivered via the internet. This literally means that the only cost is the running of the wireless server. This means individuals will not have to fork out any expense for the likes of infrastructure or extra staff. Buddy Loans and other companies like this can help you to get up and running if you do need assistance with the start-up expenses.

In addition to this, further relating to the fact that cloud recruitment software is delivered over the internet, another benefit is that it is extremely quick and easy to install. This means agencies can start using the software straight away which is very important as a lot of other applications require a lengthy installation processes or professionals to complete the installation on site. 

Furthermore, the reason why cloud-based recruitment software is so widely utilised is because it is something which is suited to all recruitment agencies and businesses – no matter how big or small they may be. This is because the software can be customised in order to suit all. Different features can be added and thus the software can grow as the agency grows and integrates new clients, new mediums and new features.

It is also worth considering the fact that cloud recruitment is one of the most innovative software choices in the sense that it is constantly being updated. This means that agencies will benefit from utilising advanced and optimum applications at all times and thus will never fall behind your competitors.

Improve Your Business Meetings

When you are hosting a meeting you need to create the perfect atmosphere at your venue. You can also use a webinar software for online conferences.  It needs to be somewhere comfortable for those in attendance. Nevertheless, the atmosphere also needs to make the attendees fully alert and thus completely concentrated on what you have to say and the task at hand. Use this article to help you achieve the perfect balance.

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the room is light. Pick somewhere offering a lot of natural sunlight and creating a refreshing and airy feel. Dark and dingy rooms are highly unadvisable because they make it hard for individuals to focus as the mood is wrong. Moreover, if you choose a room completely dependent on bright lights, then this can also be negative because this can often hurt an individual’s eyes.

You also need to make sure that the meeting venue you select is spacious. Don’t go for somewhere crammed, even if it does lower your costs. Your guests won’t thank you. They will feel cluttered and flustered and the only thing that they will concern themselves with is how quickly they can leave, rather than what you have to say. If you go for a spacious room you make the atmosphere more comfortable and professional.

Another important quality comes when dealing with the chairs that the meeting room hosts. You need to make sure that they are comfortable so that your guests are at ease throughout your meeting. Nevertheless, they also need to be straight and upright at the back. Don’t make your guests too comfortable – you don’t want them to fall asleep. Thus, soft padding and cushioning is recommended, yet make sure professional posture is kept in mind.

And finally, you may also want to concern yourself with air conditioning. Meeting venues can often be quite stuffy and hot. You want to make sure the room is cool so that your attendees are comfortable. Moreover, if the room is too hot then you are again tempting your guests to fall asleep!

Get a Foreign Currency Account

A foreign currency account can be used to receive or pay money. Therefore, if your business is exporting or receiving payment from overseas, a foreign currency account can help you bill in a foreign currency. Additionally, paying in foreign currency helps you avoid conversion costs. Consider getting a HKD business bank account if you want to export or receive money from Hong Kong. The capacity to switch among currencies helps your business take advantage of a robust exchange rate and send money abroad without any additional charges that you can typically pay with the traditional money transfer methods

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