What will others say?

 If you ever think about what will others say I am sure that after this story you will never again think about what others say.
If you are connected to other people opinion that for sure can ruin your business. It is not important what others say. They Will talk anyway Stupid things. I am 100% sure that after this story you will understand human nature more and not bother anymore with that what others talking.


Once upon time there was mother, father and son. They travel with their mule. Father and mother were walking and little boy was sitting on a mule. They came to the village and People start talking.
“Look at that rude young man he is sitting on a mule and his poor parents walking, how rude he is”.
So, they decide to put a mother on a mule and father with a boy will walk. When they came to another village. People start to talk: “Look at her, is she some Queen or something? Her husband after hole Day of work and little son walking and she is sitting on the mule, what a lazy woman”.
Then father and mother decide that father will sit on a mule. So, they continue their travel and when they came to next village. People start to talk: “Look at that man he should take care about his family, he is sitting on mule and his poor wife and kid pulling the mule.
After that father and mother decide to all three be on the mule. When they came to another village. People start to talk: “Look at those three Stupid People! How can all three ride on mule’s back. They will kill the poor animal.”
After that they were already angry because, what ever they do it is never good. So, father and mother decide that no one will sit on mule. They will walk next to mule. When they came to next village. People start to laugh of them: “Look at those three idiots. They have a mule and they walk next to it. They are really Crazy!”


The point of story is what ever you do. People will talk some Stupid things, whatever you do! So, it is doesn’t matter what People talk about. They Will always talk some Stupid things. Do what you think is good for you whatever somebody said about it.

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