How everything starts

We all know how things going on between couples. First they met each other somewhere and then they talk, having  fun during that talk. Next step is that guy ask a girl for a phone number. Right?

Then he call her to made appointment for their first date. Maybe even they will not call that date, they will call it coffee or going to drink without any obligation. So, then again they have fun on that drink enjoy in talking. After that they go home and again guy call or send a message to the girl to meet her again on some drink or maybe if that guy have more imagination he will ask her to go somewhere to else like theatre or maybe Zoo to watch different animals not only humans.

After a several different “dates” they will maybe decide to be together in relationship. Right? Some people will jump in a relationship sooner some later, but if everything is fine and they fall in love. After they are in relationship longer time, then he propose her girlfriend. That could be a one year or more, again depends on different people. But one thing for sure no body doing it and that is the proposal for marriage when a man first time see a woman. That is not happening!


Marry my online business

What happens in online business world? Lot of people doing a lot of different things online. There is so many business online that you cannot even imagine. Most of the people are part of some business they really like. They have also products in that business. Which are maybe really great. So, most of this companies are great and people love it.

Since today Social media are the biggest prospecting platforms people do one of the biggest mistakes they can do online. Let say when I get a new Facebook friend which is a part of some Online business or Network Marketing company, this guy in a first or second message ask me to join their company.

Company is maybe good, but reality is that I didn’t see that guy or a girl who offer me to join the company never in my life. I don’t know them, this is the first time I ever spoke with them over the messages and they already wants me to join their company or to buy stuff which they are selling.

It is the same just like a man would ask a woman to marry him when first time he see her! Isn’t that crazy?

Avoid this mistake don’ ever try to offer something to a person you don’t know t least for a ten messages and it is much better to wait them to ask you what are you doing. They will then decide will be that interesting to them or not.

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