Working from home has many advantages and one of the main reasons people love working from home is that if allows you to manage your own time. You work the hours you want, from 5am to 2pm if you want. You can arrange visits, shopping and deliveries throughout the week, because you can easily make up the time later on. However, the common misconception people have when you tell them that you work from home, is that you have loads of spare time. And this can cause a lot of friction between friends and family.


When you say you can’t do something because you have work, there are people who think that you’re just making excuses. That of course you can come to that all-day shopping trip, because it’s not like you’ll have to put in eight hours of work when you get back. And it’s just a lie when you say that you can’t just push back a deadline to make your third cousin, once removed, daughter’s dance recital.


The constant having to explain that you still have to work while you’re working from home, and that your job is every bit as real as theirs, gets annoying. But when it comes to more serious matters, it can start to get to you that you can’t help more. Like having a relative that needs care throughout the day; it makes sense that the person who works from home, who is at home all day, would do that caring. But in reality, someone who needs that much care needs someone’s full attention, and how are you supposed to give that while also working a full day’s work? You can’t. And that’s not a bad thing, no matter how much it tugs on your heartstrings.


The same goes for child care – having a baby is amazing, and you will have needed to give yourself some maternity or paternity leave anyway. But there is a point where you will need to go back to work too. For a breastfeeding mom it’s great to be working from home as you don’t need to make special arrangements. But just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean that you are able to give your baby, or your child, your full undivided attention.


And it’s not a bad thing that you can’t do these things, in this day and age, people have to work. Most families live paycheck to paycheck. And looking into in home care franchises, or reputable child care agencies, doesn’t make you a bad person. It just means that you aren’t Superman, and you can’t do everything at once. Just because you work from home, and have more lease to manage your own time, does not mean that you have more time to spare than anyone else. You still need to pay bills and put food on the table – and to do that, you need to work.


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