What is vision? Everybody talks about vision. Is it really so important for business?

That is the questions which ask them self most of the entrepreneurs. Can you be successful without vision?


1. How People without vision Works?


People without vision most of the times do what people with vision tell them to do. This people works most of the time in a way to do the Job they have to do and them to fulfill their simple needs to enjoy this Life, like drinking beer and watching television.

People without vision don’t see themself in the future. So, without seeing yourself in the future you cannot have enough energy to do lot of work. Because they don’t know why they should do it. It is much better to go home and watch television. No wonder they Said, if you watch too much television you do not have vision.


2. How People with vision Works?

There is a bit difference between those with vision and those without vision. It is completely different world. Completely different People. People with vision don’t spend time with those who do not have vision. They spend time with people who have vision. Just like everybody says:

“Birds of feather flock together”

People with vision work like crazy to became closer to their vision of themself and who they want to be. You must know that it is not about money, money is secondary here in this process. Money is only a result of a great vision. When people without vision see people with vision who have Lot of money. They ask, why they still work when they have a lot of money?

Answer is simple. They work to achieve their vision of themself, not because of money. Those who work for money usually don’t have money at the end of the month. Their work is only for money without vision. This kind of people cannot compare with people who have vision.


It is big difference in lifestyle between those two kind of people. One pay be rich and have a lot of things and on the other side there is people who have nothing.

In reality difference is very small. One have a vision the other don’t have. So, everything is in your head and everything depends of you. Will you have vision or not it’s depends only on you and no body else!


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