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NEREUS has Launched!

Nereus has Launched! Nereus has gone live! After months of anticipation, huge excitement from our community and an unbelievable amount of work behind the scenes, the Nereus protocol has launched. From today, you can lend and borrow a huge variety of tokens such...

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Can the Crypto Bear market make you rich?

We all know that the crypto market is very volatile and prices go up and down in this still young market. Except for crazy moves in the market on a daily basis, we got some other trends that last longer. That is the so-called Bull market and Bear market. Bull market...

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Borrow $NXUSD with 0% interest rate

Things are changing very fast! I am sure you will agree with me, special if you look at how technology goes fast. 15 years ago we didn't have smartphones and today we can have a loan with a 0% interest rate. If you were a little older, you would probably think this is...

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