The one thing we all need to do when running a successful enterprise, is keeping the skills of our staff up to date. There are many different ways that you can improve your employee’s performance, which in the long run will reflect back on your business. This article is going to give you a checklist for you to follow, on how you can improve your staff’s performance.




Manners are extremely important to the growth and development of your business. If a customer experiences bad manners or impoliteness from a member of staff, that will reflect on whether they return to you for your service again. For example, if you run a corner shop in your local town and a member of staff is rude to a customer, that customer is unlikely to return or recommend your shop even if the prices of your products are the best around.



Sit down and think about how you would like to present yourself as a business, and how you would like your staff to deal with customers. Whenever a new member of staff joins, make sure that they pick up and uphold the standard that you’ve set.



If it’s something that you feel you need to implement a structure into your workplace, call a staff meeting and give them a presentation on how you would like things to change. If after the meeting, things don’t change then inform your staff that there will be disciplinary action if these new guidelines aren’t followed.



Of course, there will be those times that you encounter a rude customer, or even worse a difficult one. Teach your staff on how you would like them to be handled if they become too demanding.




Keeping the equipment within the workplace up to date is essential to ensuring that your staff deliver the best service they can. For example, if you run a coffee shop and your coffee machines are outdated and unable to do certain things that the newer models can do, customers will likely turn to another cafe that can offer them that option.


Keep yourself in the know about new equipment that’s coming out, so that you can make sure that your business is offering your customers the best around.


It’s also important to get your equipment regularly serviced, so that you can find any minor problems before they turn into something bigger (and more expensive!).




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Have a plan

Having a plan of action for every day will ensure that your employees know exactly what they are supposed to be doing. Although you may trust your staff to use their initiative and do what’s needed each day, it’s a good idea to brief them at the start of their shift so that they have least got some guidelines on what you’d like done that day. If you run a restaurant for example, this post on 7 Employee Scheduling Strategies For Restaurants will give you an idea on how you can brief your staff so that the running of your restaurant goes as smoothly as possible.



Another great idea, is to set targets that you would like the business to reach. For example, you’d like to take in a certain amount of money within the week. If and when this goal is reached, staff could be rewarded somehow. Also, doing this will keep your employees in the know about what you’re trying to achieve.





Keeping your employees (and yourself!) up to date with necessary training is also very important to enable your staff to do their job properly. If for example, you run a GP surgery, your Doctors and other healthcare staff like nurses and health visitors will know what to do if someone is found on the floor, but would your administration staff know? Providing them with yearly CPR training could save a life.



Not only could it benefit your customers and your business, but it will ensure that your staff are safe while they are doing their job. Not knowing how to use a machine properly could be dangerous, and lead to a massive lawsuit for you.



Giving your staff any extra training that you can give them will also put your business at an advantage. If you can offer something that your competitors can’t, then the custom is more likely to come to you.





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We all have problems in life, and while we shouldn’t bring them to work sometimes something happens that we simply can’t ignore for the whole of the workday. Make it possible for your staff to come to you with a problem, and give them the empathy they need. Let them sort out their issues so that they can return to work and continue to uphold the standard you expect.



Doing this will not only make your employees more comfortable working for you, but it will make them more likely to stick with you, meaning your employee turnover won’t be very high.



Treating your employees with respect as you would expect them to do to you will create a good working relationship and keep your staff happy. If your staff are happy, they’re more likely to do their job to the best of their abilities.



Time off

Yes, you’re reading correctly. Giving your staff the right amount of time off allows them to come back to work feeling refreshed and ready to take on new challenges. Make sure you’re abiding by the law on how much vacation your employees are taking.



Think about the work rota too. If someone seems to be doing long shifts back to back, try to change it to allow them to rest and rejuvenate between shifts.



Giving your staff what they need to do their job properly is important to the running of your business. Not only that, treating them fairly will create a solid working relationship and keep the atmosphere of the workplace on a high. Try implementing these tips today to see if your staff could be performing better within your business!



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