Everybody wants to be liked. That is the reason why all this social media pages have like button. People do different things on social media to get lot of likes. Even offline people put some nice clothes, talk to other people and like the idea that somebody likes them. It is quite normal. Sometimes people do things what other don’t like, but they are not aware of that. Since there is a lot of different people it is understandable. Here you will see 7 ways what to do to people like you more.




1. Be your self

If you pretend everybody will see it. Just be you people like people who are them self. We are all unique and we all have personality. Show it, it is yours. You will see that people will like you more because of that. Say what you think, disagree if you think otherwise. Be you and people will love you more.


2. Smile

People love that other people smile. So, smile more. You will feel better not only those around you. Smile is a free gift to people around you. If you are online, you can smile even online. On every social media website you have emoticons. To show your feelings. So, use them more. Because your words can be understood much better if you use emoticons. Smile where ever you go and people will like you more.


3. Handle criticism nice and easy

You must know that there in the world is a lot of people who like to criticise. They do all the time and everywhere. They maybe are not mean, but that is the way how they works. Also there is people who would like to help you with criticism. To show you where you made mistake and that you correct it. There is also mean people who like to hurt you with their critic. In any case you are not responsible for other people acts, but for yourself. Handle critic easy and people will like you more. If you jump on every critic, even the good one, you will lost those good ones who want to help you to be better. SO, nice and easy when critics are around, and they are all the time.


4. Listen

Very important thing is to listen other people more than we talk. Everybody like active listeners, everybody. So, that you listen more. That is the reason why you have one mouth and two ears. To listen more and talk less. If you want that people run away from you than you must talk all the time.


5. Ask for advice

Everyone would like to feel important and needed. If you ask others for advice than it means that you respect their opinion. Everybody will like that and everybody will feel great when you ask them for an advice. Did you notice that people give advice even if you didn’t ask them for advice? Yes they do that by them self. So, impact is much bigger if you ask them for advice. People will like you more.


6. Become an expert in storytelling

Since we were a kids we love stories. Special if they are good ones. If you become an expert in storytelling people will like you more for sure. But do not get confused with good storytelling and just talking. It is not the same.


7. Give sincere compliments

People who are focused only on them self don’t give any compliments to no body. But, if you take a look on other person you can for sure find something to complement. You can do that online also, not just offline. Very simple complement other people work or website or their way of thinking. But, do that only if you really think in that way. No body loves those guys who lie all the time just be more liked. If you give sincere compliments people will like you more.

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