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We all have different dreams of what we want to be when we grow up. Luckily we all have different aspirations of what we want to do, which means that fortunately we aren’t all scrambling for the same jobs. One job that appeals to a lot of young people, and adults alike, is truck driving. This job appeals to many people as it offers life on the open road and a relatively stress-free day to day work environment. If you prefer working as a truck driver, there are CDL Truck Driving Opportunities available that will suit your skills and experience. So for any of you considering becoming a truck driver, here is our list of what the job entails and how to crack into it.

First Things First

So of course the first thing that any potential truck driver is going to need is a driving license. However truck drivers need to have a special license to be able to be driving heavy vehicles that transport heavy goods around the country and sometimes across continents. Therefore you will want to check with your local driving association about the type of license you will need to get depending on the type of truck you think you will be driving.

Type of Employment

Many truck drivers work for one trucking company and transport goods for that company alone. In that case trucks will be assigned to you. However there are many truck driver that prefer to be self-employed in order to find variety in the types of companies that they work for and the types of good they are transporting and the types of locations they are delivering to. Anyone wanting to be a self-employed truck driver will need to find a truck and research the different varieties of jobs that are available to self-employed truck driver.

Becoming a Truck Driver

So now that you know what type of truck driver you want to be you are now in a better position to know the practical tests that you will need to do. All truck drivers will need to get a truck driving licence by doing a truck driving course, followed by a practical and theory test.

Truck driving courses come in a range of different options. There are intensive courses that can be completed within a month and there are also less intensive courses available for those that want to take their time or maybe need to train alongside another full time job.

The physical test is then followed by a theory test, which now also includes a hazard perception test. These all demand a substantial amount of study time, so anyone considering taking this test will need to make sure they have enough time to dedicate to a lot of practice and study.

The Job Itself

Truck driving obviously involves a lot of driving and a lot of time alone. For some people this sounds ideal, but it is not a job that suits everyone. The long hours of being alone can be difficult for some and driving for many hours at a time can be draining. That’s why, it is recommended that you keep a contact number of an Emergency Truck Road Service so that if an emergency or accident occurred a truck service will come to help you. Also, anyone considering becoming a truck driver, will certainly need to consider whether a job like this is well suited to their personality. 

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