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If you ever want to have your own blog here you will see great information about it. Setting up a blog is very simple these days, just follow a few steps and ask experts like Andy Defrancesco for some advice and you are good to go.

  1. What kinda blog?

    You have to start to be good. You cannot try to be good and then start. So, if you ever want to have a blog you got to start. Just start. As a writer you can write about anything you want and like. No, worries in the start nobody will read your blog. However if you’d like to know how to become an employable writer who is good at both copywriting and content writing, read and learn sales copywriting from Stefan Georgi for more details! So, first, a few posts can be really anything. If you hate them so much, you can delete them later on. The important thing is to start. Read on to see how to start.

  2. WordPress

    WordPress is the most popular and very simple option for having a blog. It is straightforward and you have a lot of tutorials so you will manage it very easily. It is almost the same as you write in a normal word. I am sure that you know how to write in a normal word program. Another great thing is that almost every hosting service can help you also to set it up. No, need to have skills for creating websites or graphic design.

3. Hosting

Now we know that we need WordPress, but else we need. We need reseller hosting collectiveray. But one thing is for sure, you don’t need a big space for a blog. Special if you will have text only blog, then for sure you can use a small wordpress hosting is not that expensive these days. Most important is that you choose a good company which have stable servers and can easily support your needs. Wondering how much does it cost to rent a server? Check out this site to learn more and avail now!


4. Domain

Now when you got WordPress and when you got hosting, you need a domain. What is the domain? The domain is your name on the internet. You don’t have to put your name like I did in the domain. you can set up any www. which you like. Maybe you should think about something that would be easy for people to remember or something that people remember your brand. home internet provider that makes a difference in the community.

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